Build Customer Loyalty
with Gated Offers

Boost brand loyalty by offering exclusive, identity-based gated offers to communities such as students, healthcare professionals, and more.

When Customers Feel Exclusive, Customer Lifetime Value Follows

Research shows that emotion is the primary driver of customer loyalty, and the top emotion that inspires loyalty is feeling valued. When you give an exclusive offer to a group like students, teachers, and healthcare professionals, you spark this emotion because customers feel rewarded for belonging to communities they strongly identify with.

This type of customer loyalty marketing is known as identity marketing, and leading brands are using it to win and retain high value customers. And when you use SheerID to verify eligibility for your offer, you collect valuable first-party data you can use to create highly personalised campaigns that drive even greater loyalty.


The customer lifetime value of a customer who feels emotionally connected to a brand, as compared to a customer who does not.


of consumers who belong to an identity-based community said they feel more emotionally connected to brands that give them an exclusive offer.

8 in 10

customers said that they are more loyal to brands that give them an identity-based exclusive offer.


The higher student CLV, compared to its global average, that BackMarket saw after giving students a gated, exclusive offer.

How SheerID Helps You Drive Customer Loyalty

Create an Emotional Connection

Giving customers an exclusive offer launches a deeper brand relationship because it celebrates meaningful aspects of their identity, like their life stage or their profession. Using SheerID to verify eligibility for the offer makes it even more appealing because customers know it’s truly just for them.

Own the Customer Relationship

When you use SheerID to verify eligibility for your offer, you collect meaningful, first-party data that you own and can use to re-engage customers with personalised marketing. And with SheerID’s DataConnectors, you can stream all that data into your MarTech solutions and combine it with behavioural and transactional data to provide customers with genuine value that will drive their loyalty.

Drive Loyalty Program Sign-Ups

Exclusive offers motivate customers to join your loyalty program. More than 87% of consumer communities would likely join a brand’s loyalty program to redeem an identity-based exclusive offer.

You can integrate SheerID into your loyalty app to verify customers as a seamless step in your enrollment process. Once customers are verified, they can automatically receive any future offer they’re eligible for, whether they shop in-store, online, or in-app. This gives you the opportunity to target them with highly appealing offers that drive further engagement.

Boost Your Omnichannel Strategy

With SheerID InStore, you can also verify customers for an offer in person. This gives customers easy access to all the benefits you’re offering their community, and enables store associates to give them more firsthand, personalised experiences that will drive their loyalty.


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