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How to Gain Cross Channel Insight into Identity Marketing Success

Marketers across all industries are using identity marketing to acquire and retain their best customers. Now they can answer one of the first questions their boss will ask: how did those customers find us?

Brands using SheerID to run their identity marketing campaigns can use our new automatic UTM campaign reporting feature to identify the channels that bring them new customers, whether it’s through their affiliate marketing efforts,  email, search, social, and more.

The process is simple. You include a UTM parameter in the verification link that drives a buyer to your website to redeem their exclusive offer. SheerID instantly verifies your customer, and then automatically recognizes, captures, and stores the parameter. This allows you to draw a direct line between your demand generation campaigns and and your customer verification results.

SheerID tracks the top 5 UTM parameters used by marketers: 

  • Utm_campaignSpecific campaign, product, slogan, or offer
  • Utm_sourceSource of traffic/referrer
  • Utm_mediumThe channel,  type of traffic or the tool you used to get it
  • Utm_contentUsed to differentiate ads or CTA’s. If you pulse offers, this can be the discount or deal
  • Utm_termPaid keywords.  

We’ve also added a new filter and chart to the MySheerID Dashboard that allows you to quickly visualize the data associated with the “utm_campaign” metadata key so you can:

  • See the percentage of new customers that came from each campaign.
  • Compare the relative popularity of each campaign on a daily timeline.
  • Filter the dashboard to assess each campaign separately.

Metadata from the other four main campaign tracking parameters is available in MySheerID reports, which you can easily download for deeper analyses, like creating a pivot table to see the intersection of a campaign and mediums. 

For more information, view this detailed walk-through of the new campaign reporting feature, or visit our Developer Center.

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