Privacy Notice for Audience Development Products & Services

Last Updated: March 28, 2024

SheerID may directly collect personal information from you or acquire personal information from third parties about you in order to create audience profiles for its Audience Development Service. This Service is intended to better understand what products and services may be of interest to you and share resulting profiles with our customers so that they can show you ads and promotions that are more relevant to your interests (Audience Development Service). This information may derive from multiple third-party sources, as well as SheerID’s direct collection from you (which is governed by this Privacy Policy), and SheerID may combine your personal information to create a consumer profile or make inferences about you.

These activities may be considered “sales”, “sharing” or “targeted advertising” under applicable data privacy laws. As part of the Audience Development Service, we share and sell the following categories of personal information to the following categories of third parties:

Category of Personal Information Categories of Third Parties
Email Address
Date of Birth
Educational Institution
Employment Title
Student status
Medical professional status
Military status
SheerID customers who engage our Audience Development Service. These are typically retailers.

Audience Development Service Opt Out Form. Regardless of where you live, if you do not wish to have your personal information used in the creation of custom audience profiles in connection with our Audience Development Service, you can opt out of having your personal information included or shared with our customers and other third parties by filling out the Opt Out Form here within our Privacy Center by choosing the option for “Do Not Sell”.

SheerID does not knowingly sell, share, or target advertising to individuals under the age of sixteen (16).

Please see Additional Disclosures: U.S. State Privacy Notice & California Notice at Collection for other rights available to data subjects in certain states concerning their data used in connection with the Audience Development Service.

The entity maintaining this website is a data broker under Texas law. To conduct business in Texas, a data broker must register with the Texas Secretary of State (Texas SOS). Information about data broker registrants is available on the Texas SOS website.