The SheerID Open Verification Platform

Identity Verification for Commerce - No Account Required

Verify Billions of Consumers in Hundreds of Communities Around the World

SheerID provides the industry's only open verification platform, enabling you to verify the identity of your customers without sacrificing their data to a third-party verification provider who will resell it to other brands. Unlike closed affiliate verification platforms, SheerID:

  • Never requires your customers to create an account with us.
  • Instantly verifies your customers' identities using 200K+ authoritative data sources.
  • Never resells your customer verification data, enabling you to create a direct relationship with 2.5 billion customers worldwide.

Own Your CX. Build Direct Relationships.

SheerID provides a white-label verification experience that can occur at any point in your purchase process in store, online, or on mobile. We don’t require an account login or PII like a social security number, which causes friction and leads to cart abandonment.

Own Your CX. Build Direct Relationships.

Own Your Data. Get Higher Customer LTV.

Unlike closed affiliate verification providers, SheerID gives you complete control of your data and never resells verified consumer data to other brands or competitors. And, with SheerID’s DataConnectors, you can stream customer data to more than 400 martech solutions to enrich your customer profiles and provide deeper personalization that leads to great customer lifetime value.


Own Your Data. Get Higher Customer LTV.

Verification that Delivers the Ultimate Assurance and Best CX

SheerID provides a verification process that’s frictionless and corresponds to your level of potential risk. You choose the method that meets your needs, while always giving customers a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Verify consumers are students, teachers, healthcare workers, military members or belong to hundreds of other communities.


Verify consumers have valid identity documents, such as driver’s licenses and passports, and opt to include a biometric check to verify identity.


One platform. Multiple Uses. Cha-Ching.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Loyalty

Zero-Party Data

Fraud Protection

Promotional Pricing

Loss Prevention for Rentals & Returns