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20 Mar How far will students go for a discount? Survey says…

How far would you go to get a discount? If you’ve watched Extreme Couponing on TLC or read how-to articles about extreme couponing, you’ve seen the extraordinary measures some thrifty folks will go to in order to save a few bucks. Behind the scenes at SheerID, we’ve also seen some less industrious individuals lie and cheat in an attempt to access exclusive offers that they don’t actually deserve, like academic pricing on software or free vouchers to military appreciation events. Foiling dishonest dirt bags is one of the things we do best. In the last couple of years, we’ve noticed that some daily deal sites and online membership communities require members to input their full or partial social security numbers to sign up. Now, I expect to give out my social security number when I’m doing my taxes or applying for a mortgage, but not necessarily when I’m trying to get 10% off compression capris and stretch mesh tank tops that I want to buy online. I mean, sure, that racer back top is cute, but do I really want to release personally identifiable information to save a couple of dollars? Back when I was a college student, my social security number was also my student ID number. In the past few years, more and more universities are moving away from this practice, as cyber-attacks, data breaches, and identity theft have become more commonplace. We recently hit campuses and surveyed 585 college students to find out just how concerned they are with protecting their social security numbers and other personally identifiable information. pie chart displaying the percentage of people who would provide their social security number for a discount
  • 53% said they would never give out the last 4 digits of their social security to get a discount
  •  88% of students said they would not give out their full social security to get a discount
Of the 9% of students who said they would consider giving out their SSN if the discount was good enough, 86% said retailers would have to give them at least 50% off their purchase. We also asked them what information they are willing to disclose in exchange for special offers, discounts, and academic pricing. Here’s what they said. bar graph displaying what information students feel comfortable providing for an online discount
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16 Mar Best Practices for Creating a Successful Military Discount

The military community is comprised of nearly 30 million consumers with a purchasing power of over $1 trillion annually. This includes active duty, reservists, the National Guard, retirees, military employees, and veterans, plus their spouses and other dependents. With so many deserving consumers in this group, it’s no surprise that many companies try to give exclusive offers to the military community, however, many don’t know how to create a success military discount program that provides value to these special customers. Working closely with hundreds of clients, we’ve pulled together the 5 proven ways you can create a successful military discount program: Be genuine - Unfortunately, there are many not-so-honest companies out there trying to take advantage of the military community, and most military members see right through it. Before you launch a military discount, take a look at your company culture. Recognize your employees who have served and get them involved with the campaign. They will be able to give your insight into the military community and a better understanding to create a military-friendly message that is genuine. Word of mouth - Although marketers have a love/hate relationship with word-of-mouth, there is no way of getting around this powerful tool within the military community. The military community is a tight knit group that trust each other’s opinion. In fact, 76% of the military community say they learn about military discounts from word of mouth - just another reason to create a genuine experience for your military customers from the get-go. It’s important to pay special attention to what is being said about your military discounts so you can make changes based on feedback.
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09 Mar How SheerID’s clients are creating customer loyalty

When it comes to customer loyalty, there is no perfect equation. Formulas vary from brand to brand, while technology plays a pivotal role in both deterring and generating repeat purchasing. While customer loyalty has always been an elusive, yet vital part of any successful business, recent years have proven that a focus on personalization and “getting to know the customer” are essential to keeping customers coming back. With that said, studies also show that discounts and promotions tend to drive conversion rates, with up to 50% of consumers nothing that they only make a purchase when an offer or promotion is involved. Taking that one step further, a 2017 study published by Capgemini Consulting found that 65% of customers are frustrated when discounts and promotions for retail stores are not personalized. But, these are just stats right? Over the years, our clients have shown that these stats are true. From offering exclusive promotions on tickets to military families, to creating special promotions specifically to help students during back-to-school, we’ve pulled just a few examples of how our clients are using exclusive discounts to better reach their customers and generate customer loyalty for the long-term.
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17 Feb The ROI of Personalization

Investing in a personalized customer experience is a win-win situation, both for today’s businesses and for their customers. As marketers serve up seamless experiences that include personalized features such as the perfect article, product recommendation, discount, or email messages, consumers are responding with more meaningful engagements, quicker conversions, increased spending, and most importantly, ongoing loyalty. So where else does the ROI come in? Nine out of ten consumers say that personalization has some impact on their purchasing decisions, so it is no coincidence that nearly 80% of high-performing marketers indicated that personalized strategies have boosted their revenue. In fact, a recent survey from Kibo found that:
  • Personalized home page promotions influence 85% of consumers to make a purchase
  • Personalized shopping cart recommendations influence 92% of shoppers to complete a purchase
  • Loyalty discounts influence 55% of customers to complete a purchase
  • Targeted recommendations on product pages influencer 44% to make a purchase
Tommy Hilfiger is one great example of a brand who has embraced personalization in their customer experiences across channels. Here’s their story:
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09 Feb Don’t miss out on these exclusive discounts for Valentine’s Day

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is almost here and 54% of people surveyed by the NRF are planning to celebrate. In fact, it is expected that $18.2 billion will be spent on gifts for significant others, other family members, children’s classmates, coworkers, and even beloved pets. Here’s how it breaks down:
  • $4.3 billion on jewelry
  • $3.8 billion on an evening out
  • $2 billion on flowers
  • $1.9 billion on clothing
  • $1.7 billion on candy
  • $1.4 billion on gift cards/gift certificates
  • $1 billion on greeting cards
A few of our clients have a great selection of Valentine’s Day gifts to help their customers find the perfect gift this year, and the best part is, you can order online and avoid the crowds. With exclusive offers for military members, teachers, students, and first responders, here are just some of the deals from our wonderful clients for this Valentine’s Day:
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