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One of the founding ideals of SheerID is giving back to the military community through helping brands bring unique special offers to the military on Memorial Day - a day that Americans stand together to remember and honor those who fought and died for our freedom. This week 10 companies have announced new military offers for Memorial Day using SheerID's military verification platform to keep their offers exclusive.

Last week the SheerID team attended the 33rd Annual Oregon Tech Awards as a nominee in the category of  “Most Disruptive Technology of the Year.” At the event we had the honor of being around many of the outstanding technology companies within the region and hearing about their accomplishments, leadership, and commitment to the continued growth and success of the Oregon tech scene.

In the United States, there are over 6.7 million teachers and administrators working hard every day to educate our students. While we are all thankful for all the effort, time, and money they put into their career as a teacher, we don’t always take the time to say thank you. Luckily, Teacher Appreciation Week is a great way for families and businesses to recognize all the hard work that teachers put in. This year Teacher Appreciation Week is this week, May 8-12. One great way that companies can honor teachers is through offering exclusive teacher appreciation week discounts on their products and services. Many of our clients wanted to show their appreciation and say thank you for offering exclusive teacher discounts. Check out this great list of discounts and share them with the teachers in your life!

Exclusive discounts have long been a strategy for retailers to gain attention from target customer groups - think “student discount”. Not only are they effective, but they’re a great way to edge out the competition and keep customers coming back. However, the rise of ecommerce has made giving these exclusive discounts more of a challenge. How do you ensure that your customer is actually a currently enrolled student, and not someone just trying to get a discount?

Recently, Piper Jaffray, a leading investment bank and asset management firm, took their annual survey on millennials, although one of the most shocking statistics showed the Starbucks had lost it’s No.1 spot for “favorite restaurant” to the fried-chicken chain, Chick-fil-A, there was a lot of other great information on teen spending habits. Here’s an overview of the findings:

With information available across the web, social channels, and our very own databases, it is not hard to see that we have reached the point where we all need to figure out what to do with all the massive amounts of data being generated at an extremely rapid pace. Even though we know big data gives us all the information that we need, the thought of diving deeper can be overwhelming. In order to make the most of all the accessible data, businesses need to start focusing on how they can use incoming data to create a better customer experience. Here are 3 ways that diving into your data will benefit your company:

It’s almost April, which means that Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner (Monday, May 1st - May 5th). Many retailers take this opportunity to thank teachers for all they do by offering exclusive discounts on products. If your business is planning on honoring teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week 2017, here are a few tips on how to see success in your campaign:

Consumers may not realize it, but there are a lot of steps associated with making one small purchase. In fact, 67% of consumers said they start shopping on one device and finish on another. Whether a person is shopping online or at a brick and mortar store, there are 4 phases of their shopping journey: Research, decision making, checkout and payment, and fulfillment of the product.