What Financial Marketers Can Learn From Retail

The case studies of the future will look back at the pandemic as a time when businesses were forced to adapt to customer needs more swiftly than ever before, and no industry has demonstrated this more nimbly than retail. As shoppers moved online, retailers quickly found ways to give customers a more personalized experience that ...
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4 Key Takeaways from Adweek Elevate: Commerce

Adweek recently wrapped Elevate: Commerce. The virtual event offers six sessions focused on how marketers can effectively respond to the most pressing issues they face in today’s rapidly evolving economy, particularly in the wake of the coronavirus health crisis. Here are four great pieces of advice we took away: 01 Prioritize the Health of Customer ...
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5 Steps to Ensure the Success of Your Personalized Offer

Delivering personalized offers is a smart move for brands. But they often don’t see their programs deliver big results, usually for one of two reasons. Their fear of discount abuse keeps them from promoting the offer broadly, or they use manual verification to confirm eligibility, which wastes valuable time and resources and doesn’t scale.  Targus, ...
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