Marketing to College Students Decoded

College students are a valuable segment to target.
College is a pivotal life stage, a time when students begin to gain financial independence and forge their own paths. And, of note to marketers, it’s also a time associated with a lot of spending. With 19 million college students in the US alone, this is a valuable consumer community for brands to target.  But ...
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30 Top Brands Announce Exclusive Offers For National First Responders Day with SheerID

  J.Crew, Whirlpool, and Levi Strauss & Co. are among many brands celebrating first responders with these amazing deals Portland, OR—October 25, 2022— SheerID, the identity marketing platform used by hundreds of leading brands around the world, has partnered with more than 30 brands that have made exclusive discounts available to millions of first responders […]

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Developing a Customer Acquisition Plan for New Movers

New movers are a valuable community to target.
Your customer acquisition plan should prioritize the customers who are most valuable to your brand. The more you can personalize marketing campaigns to specific communities, the more likely you are to acquire them. One consumer segment not to overlook is new movers. This is a lucrative audience, as new movers make many purchases as they ...
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Marketing in a Recession: What It’s All About

marketing in a recession
We’ve all seen the concerning headlines: a recession is coming or, according to some sources, is already here. Inflation is soaring and interest rates are rising to pump the brakes on consumer demand to quell rising prices. Resources are strapped, and both consumers and businesses are cutting back on spending. Most experts attribute these economic ...
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How Top Brands Use Market Segmentation to Reach Customers

Hero image
This article was originally published in 2020, but has been updated to reflect new research and consumer trends. A lot has changed since we first covered this topic, but the need for marketing segmentation has not!  A famous American editor once said, “I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you ...
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Customer Loyalty: Definition, Tips, & Solutions

Learn how to build enduring customer loyalty.
Focus on positive experiences, valuable offers, and building community to drive customer loyalty. Read how SheerID can help you grow customer loyalty. What is Customer Loyalty? Customer loyalty is a measurement of a customer’s likelihood to do repeat business with a company or brand. And it’s a marketer’s dream—because it’s usually much more expensive to ...
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Marketing to the Military Explained

The military is a highly valuable community to target.
This article was originally published in 2020, but has been updated to reflect new research and consumer trends. A lot has changed since we first covered this topic, but the value of marketing to the military has not! The military market is huge—it’s made up of approximately 37 million service members with $1.2 trillion in ...
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Back to Basics: Why Offer a Discount?

There are many benefits to offering customer discounts.
Discounts can get a bad rap, conjuring images of undesirable excess inventory or training shoppers to wait for a sale. But when approached with thoughtful strategy and intention, offering a discount can drive customer acquisition, foster long-term customer loyalty, and improve customer lifetime value.  In this article, we’ll apply a strategic lens to some back-to-basic ...
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