Win Gen Z with Exclusive Offers They'll Obsess About

Attract and convert your next generation of customers

2 Billion

Gen Zers worldwide


in Gen Z global spending power


of Gen Z is more likely to shop with a brand that offers an exclusive discount.

Cut through the noise and win Gen Z's loyalty with exclusive offers.

SheerID enables you to create gated, personalized offers for Gen Z customers in 30 countries and leverages the power of 200K+ authoritative data sources to verify they are eligible for your offers.

How SheerID Helps You Acquire Gen Z Customers

Harness the Power of the Student Community

Offering exclusive discounts to students not only attracts them to your brand but also increases their loyalty. By verifying student status for these offers, you prevent fraud and gain valuable data that enables you to re-engage and retain these customers long after they graduate.

Win all of the Gen Z Market

Many Gen Zers are choosing paths other than college after high school. By offering exclusive discounts tailored to young adults, we help your brands capture the full spectrum of the Gen Z market.

Win Gen Z Customers


Comcast Creates a Gen Z Magnet

Comcast partnered with Amazon Music to create a compelling offer for students, and gated it with SheerID to ensure it was reaching the right audience. The program:

Grew subscriptions by 6x.
Increased conversions by 91%.
Is the top-performing gated program in Comcast history.
"Partnering with SheerID has given us a powerful new way to capture and retain our ideal customer segment, and has set us up for long-term success."
Cheri Davies
Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing

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