Win Loyal Users by Celebrating Their Identity

Acquire and retain more customers with verified, exclusive offers that reward their community.


Drive Sign Ups and Beat Churn with Identity Marketing

With identity marketing, you give exclusive offers to high value consumer communities like students, teachers, first responders, and the military. These offers make customers feel rewarded for who they are, which drives app sign ups. And verifying customers with SheerID protects your offer and gives you zero-party data to drive usage and loyalty.

Return on Ad Spend

Eligible consumers share your offers with others in their group, reducing acquisition costs.

Fraud Reduction

Digital verification with authoritative data sources prevents discount abuse.

Increase in Subscribers

Offer exclusivity makes subscribers feel appreciated and increases conversions.

How Identity Marketing Benefits Consumer Apps

Acquire More Users

Identity marketing drives app sign ups because consumers actively look for brands that reward their community with special offers. When given an exclusive offer, 89% of students, 90% of the military, and 94% of teachers are more likely to try a new brand.

Increase Loyalty and CLV

Offers that reward a consumer’s community drive app usage and retention. More than 70% of students, teachers, and the military are more loyal to companies that give them an exclusive offer.

Prevent Discount Abuse and Gain Better Data

Digitally verifying subscribers when they redeem your offer ensures the data they provide is accurate. It also prevents fraud and shows your audience the offer is truly just for them, which increases its value and motivates them to take advantage of it.

Win Gen Z Subscribers with Identity Marketing

YNAB wanted to drive student sign ups with an exclusive free trial of its financial management software. SheerID’s instant, user-friendly verification process prevented fraud, increased conversions, and reduced the number of verified students that never use the trial by 88%.

YNAB Success with SheerID

"SheerID allowed us to empower students more fully and quickly, which has had a profound impact on our user experience and growth."
Kody Atkinson
Group Programs Manager and Program Owner

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