SheerID for Loss Prevention

The most comprehensive US Driver’s License verification solution for protecting your brand from rental and return theft.

50 States

Verify driver’s licenses and IDs throughout the U.S., including Washington, D.C.

No Hardware Required

SheerID provides the most comprehensive SaaS platform to create a driver’s license verification program, verify consumers, and collect consumer data without any need to deploy ID scanning hardware.

Increased Security

Add biometric scans to your driver’s license verification to ensure a consumer’s face matches their license.

How SheerID Makes Loss Prevention Easy



Ask for a driver’s license when a customer wants to rent a product or return merchandise without a receipt.



SheerID verifies their driver’s license is valid, and you retain the customer’s data.




Complete transactions only when a license is verified as valid. Use the data to follow up if rentals aren’t returned or you learn that returned items were stolen.

PICTURE OF SOMEONE RETURNING A CAR, i.e. handing over keys or clothes

Features that Drive Loss Prevention Success

Authoritative Data Sources

Verify driver’s licenses via direct connections to the DMV.

Document Verification

Verify driver’s licenses and ID documents via photo uploads.

Increased Security

Add biometric scans to your driver’s license verification to ensure a consumer’s face matches their license.

Granular Reports

Analyze consumer data through granular reporting capabilities.

API Integrations

Leverage our API to seamlessly integrate Driver’s License verification into your existing rental and return process.

Stop Bad Actors from Ripping You Off

Picture of someone renting a car.
Integrate SheerID into your rental experience to ensure your items are in good hands.

When you rent out your products, you want to ensure they are returned. Adding a driver’s license verification helps protect your brand from bad actors who never intend to return your products.

During your rental application, simply verify that a consumer has a valid driver’s license and keep their data on file. If an item is not returned, you can use their data to track them down. You also can turn away consumers who do not have a valid driver’s license from renting, since this is a signal they might not intend to return your items.

Picture of someone returning a TV or something
Integrate SheerID into your receiptless returns experience to identify bad actors.

If your brand offers receiptless returns, you want to ensure that the items being returned were not stolen from your store by bad actors. SheerID helps you identify potential bad actors by verifying that they have a valid driver’s license before allowing a receiptless return.

During a receiptless return, simply verify the consumer has a valid driver’s license, collect their data, and accept the return. If you later find out the item was stolen, you can track down the bad actor. Alternatively, if the consumer does not have a valid license, you can refuse to accept the return.