Don’t Just Give Your Customers a Discount. Change Their Life.

Running a universal discount will convert some prospects. But giving a gated, exclusive offer to your key consumer communitiessuch as students, healthcare workers, or the militarynot only wins their business, it sparks great loyalty because it shows how much you value them. And when the offer helps them achieve their dream, it can inspire them to promote your brand to the world.

That’s what happened with a nurse from Illinois. Watch Hayley’s Dream to hear her story.


Recognizing a Customer’s Identity Creates an Emotional Connection that Delivers Lasting Results

Rewarding the groups that people strongly identify with drives purchases. When Willow offered an “Everyday Heroes” discount to healthcare workers, teachers, first responders, and military members, it generated 25% of the company’s sales. And using SheerID Verification Platform to verify a customer’s eligibility gave Willow the zero-party data it needed to re-engage and retain them.

Willow’s Campaign Success

Acquire New Customers Who Will Rave about Your Brand

Gated, exclusive offers don't just make consumers purchase sooner and more often, they launch a positive brand relationship that spurs customers to promote your brand to everyone in their community.

There was something on the website that said, ‘Did you know that if you’re a student you can get this discount?’ And I immediately purchased it—immediately.

Kaylin Keith
Student at Florida International University

My perception of the brand changed from entry point/neutral to outrageously positive when I saw the offer. It was the difference between [purchasing] or not.

Thomas S.

I really take advantage of those discounts. It is much appreciated.

Carl A.
Healthcare Worker

We have an email group for my first responder squad, so if somebody finds something, they'll usually send it out to the group and say, "Hey, I found this discount."

Tony R.
First Responder

It's really cool when there are places that recognize your service. If I find a really, really good deal I'll share it on my Instagram story or I'll text friends that I know can use the offer.

Hannah T.