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In Their Own Words:

Watch how exclusive offers have a big impact on a military family.

Our military verification clients include:

We Verify All 37M+ Military Consumers in the US

SheerID offers the most comprehensive coverage in the industry. With SheerID, there is no reason to limit your offer to only active duty. By extending your offer to all military families you can expand your military audience by 2,000%.

We perform a binary verification against authoritative data in real time without requiring sensitive personal data like a Social Security number.

  • Active Duty
  • Veterans
  • Retirees
  • Reservist / National Guard
  • Registered Dependents
Military Verification - 34M+ Military Consumers in the US

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$1 Trillion






Why Should I Offer a Military Discount?

The military market is especially receptive to an exclusive discount message. In addition, when you offer a military discount, the impression of your brand improves even among people who AREN’T military.


The military market (active duty, reservists, retirees, and employees) equals over 8.2 million consumers. Military veterans and spouses equal over 37 million consumers with a purchasing power of over $1 trillion annually.

Your great products plus the SheerID platform equals a super targeted military discount strategy.

Spending Habits

Military families are a unique consumer group. Compared to the national average, military families:

  • 35% higher income
  • 3x more vacations
  • 2x as often to change addresses
  • 5x travel as often
  • $700,000,000 spent annually on apparel just by discharged Military personnel


94% of present and past military personnel state that they notice when companies are “military-friendly” and have a positive impression of those companies. The military market votes with their dollar. Offering an exclusive military discount gives them the recognition they deserve and gives your company a solid, loyal customer base.

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Best Practices for Connecting with the Military Community

Offering a military discount is the most effective way to appeal to the military market, but how do you reach them? How do you advertise to military personnel on base or deployed half-way across the world? How do you keep in touch with military families who must relocate to a new address twice as often as others?

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