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Protect your corporate discount program and acquire new customers

See how Sprint uses gated, personalized offers to acquire customers and
prevent employee discount abuse

Acquire New Customers through a Corporate
Discount Program

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Sprint’s corporate discount programs have helped the company acquire and deepen connections with an even wider range of high-value customers. And securing the programs with digital verification has enabled them to:

  • Preserve profit margins
  • Prevent revenue losses from code sharing
  • Create a frictionless, in-brand experience that shoppers love
  • …and more!

By providing gated, personalized offers via a corporate discount program,
you can broaden your reach and attract new, targeted audiences.

Employment verification includes: 

  • 85% of employers worldwide
  • 99% of employers with more than 1,000 employees
  • Localized for 25 languages
  • 191 countries
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Protect Against Corporate Discount Fraud

Through the power of verification, brands can feel comfortable knowing that only those who are qualified to redeem the discount will be able to do so. This eliminates mistakes or intentional fraud at the point of sale.

Verify Employment Status, Instantly

SheerID verifies employment status using email logins of your selected corporate partners. You get a positive or negative indication of employment verification within seconds.

Instant coverage
100% instant coverage for employers using Google or Microsoft for their corporate sign-on

Document review
100% coverage with document review of a recent pay stub

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What Are Corporate Discount Programs?

Corporate discount programs provide employees of a business or corporation a special discount or offer.
The discount can be for internal employees, or as part of a corporate partner program (for example, a hotel chain might offer discounts to employees at specific companies, government employees, or employees at a local business).

Types of discounts could include goods such as computers and electronics; travel, such as hotels, resorts, amusement parks, and rental cars; products such as home and auto insurance; and subscription services, among others.

Discounts employees are likely to use:

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50 Stat
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We Verify Employment Credentials Around the World

SheerID uses 9,000 authoritative data sources to make marketing to employees easy and secure.

Employment verification allows us to transform our partner program into an inventive strategy for acquiring new customers. We can reward employees at our corporate partners and be confident that when they share the deal with colleagues, the offer will stay protected and not result in discount fraud. As a long-time customer of SheerID, we’re excited about the continued global extension, as we plan to further extend our reach to new consumer tribes.


Jon Pickard, Senior Manager of eCommerce

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