Win More Customers Online & In Stores

Acquire new customers by giving them exclusive offers and verifying their data for eligibility. Then, use this data to drive loyalty and repeat purchases.

Reward Your Customers’ Identities & See More Conversions

People identify strongly with the communities they belong to, like students, teachers, and the military. SheerID enables you to create community-based offers, and then uses 200K+ authoritative sources to verify if consumers are eligible to redeem them.

Identity-based offers are proven to increase conversions and loyalty both in stores and online. Customers feel appreciated, so they are more likely to redeem and share your offer. And, because they voluntarily give you information about their identity, you can use this data to re-engage them. For example, you can send personalized messages to students for every back-to-school period.

SheerID is the ideal solution for both online and in-store community offers, and has specialty omnichannel features and services to optimize your success.

Return on Advertising Spend

Eligible consumers typically share your offers with their peers, reducing acquisition costs.

Reduction in Promotion Fraud

Verification with authoritative data sources ensures only eligible consumers redeem your offer.

Growth in Store Visits

Re-engage consumers with personalized offers they’ll be excited to redeem.

SheerID Enables Retailers To:

Teacher and Military graphics that show feel appreciated and seek out brands from SheerID
Increase Purchase Intent

By creating an offer that is personalized to the consumer’s true identity, retailers can create an emotional connection with their buyers that fosters more meaningful customer relationships.

  • 74% of the military said they actively seek out brands that offer military discounts
  • 84% of teachers say a personalized offer makes them feel appreciated
Word of Mouth Network from SheerID
Activate Word of Mouth

Identity marketing harnesses the powerful existing network within consumer communities, triggering social sharing amongst friends and family.

  • 97% of students would share a student discount with other students
  • 65% of students learn about special offers from other students
Lower Acquisition Cost graph from SheerID
Lower Acquisition Costs

When you can rely on organic sharing of information amongst consumer community members, retail brands find that they don’t need to spend as much money on direct advertising to acquire customers.

  • 4 in 5 teachers will try a new brand if they have a teacher discount.
  • 93% of teachers would share a teacher discount with other teachers.
Female on phone re-engage past shoppers from SheerID
Re-engage Past Shoppers

Leverage your high-quality data, collected by SheerID verification to re-engage past shoppers, and encourage repeat purchases. When SheerID is used to collect shopper information, you can ensure the most accurate data for re-marketing to those who opt-in.

Best Consumer Communities for Retailers

Get started with Identity Marketing with one of our popular consumer communities for retailers.

Show Your Appreciation for the Military

Military consumers are diverse but tightly knit, and they overwhelmingly prefer to shop at businesses that offer them exclusive discounts. With $1 trillion in annual purchasing power, they are a consumer community your brand can’t afford to ignore.

Our military verification solution includes:

veterans and military retirees
military family members
active duty, national guard and reservists
"SheerID delivers a streamlined experience that customers love. Every eligible military shopper was verified instantly."
Jason Nierman
CRO and Co-Founder

Recognize First Responders

Firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and paramedics answer the call when we need them most. Every single day. Recognize their tireless efforts with a personalized offer that will translate to customer loyalty and future purchases.

Our first responder verification solution includes:

Police Officers
EMTs and Paramedics
“Our campaigns to first responders and medical workers drove short-term revenue and expanded our overall customer base. These new groups grew the revenue from our identity marketing program by 60%.”
Matt Gehring
SVP of Growth

Acquire Gen Z Customers with Student Offers

Gen Z makes up 26% of the US population, and they’re starting to head off to college. Engaging them with a personalized offer is a lucrative strategy for retailers. SheerID Verification Platform helps you protect your offer by verifying that shoppers who redeem it are actually students. This protects your offer from fraud and increases its appeal by making it truly exclusive.

Our Student Verification Solution includes:

high school students in 34 countries
university students worldwide
“SheerID is helping us acquire and retain customers with personalized offers that acknowledge people’s unique identities and the contributions they make to our communities. They made the whole experience easy for shoppers and plug-and-play for us.”
Jon Pickard
Senior Manager of eCommerce

Thank Teachers with a Personalized Offer

Teachers are highly educated, have above-average household incomes, and their shopping goes beyond the classroom. Nearly 3 in 4 teachers are more likely to buy personal items from a company that offers a teacher discount.

One of the most effective ways to market to teachers is to give them a gated, personalized offer that appeals to their desire for discounts.

Our teacher verification solution includes:

US K-12 teachers
high school teachers and administrators in 14 countries
university faculty and administrators worldwide
“Integrating our senior, teacher, and military personalized offers into our rewards program has helped us more deeply engage some of our best customers. We can provide a richer experience and additional perks to groups we highly value.”
Steve Woodward
Senior Director of Digital Experience

Learn More about Identity Marketing for Retailers

Why Leading Retailers are Finding Success with SheerID

Graph Verifications from SheerID
Move Fast—Find Value In Days

Launch an identity marketing campaign in less than a week. Instantly verify consumer eligibility for your offer. Create, manage, track, and optimize your program all in one workspace.

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Verify 2.5 Billion Consumers

Market to more than a dozen consumer communities or create custom groups that align with your brand. Keep them engaged year-round with campaigns that celebrate what makes them special.

Student Verification Screen from SheerID
Own the Experience—and the Data

Create a white-label, in-brand purchase process that maximizes conversions. Get complete control over your customer data and use it to nurture deeper brand loyalty.

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Leverage the Wisdom of the Leading Brands

Skip the learning curve by tapping into the experience and best practices of hundreds of SheerID customers who’ve been running identity marketing programs for years.