Grow and Retain Your Media & Entertainment Audience

Grow and Retain Your Media & Entertainment Audience

Acquire loyal subscribers with identity marketing programs that reward your best customers.

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Identity Marketing Wins Subscribers by Making Them Feel Special

Identity marketing accelerates your customer acquisition by providing gated, personalized offers to high value consumer communities based on their life stage (students), occupation (teachers, first responders), or affiliation (the military). Digitally verifying their identity keeps your offer truly exclusive, which makes them feel rewarded for who they are, sets your brand apart, and facilitates greater loyalty.

Return on Ad Spend

Eligible consumers share your offers with others in their group, reducing acquisition costs.

Fraud Reduction

Digital verification with authoritative data sources prevents discount abuse.

Increase in Subscribers

Offer exclusivity makes subscribers feel appreciated and increases conversions.

Streaming Media Companies Can Win New Audiences


Streaming media is a crowded marketplace, but identity marketing helps you rise above the noise. More than 70% of students said they’d like a personalized offer on a streaming media subscription. And 3 in 4 students, teachers, and military members said they prefer to shop with brands that offer them exclusive promotions.

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Identity marketing can accelerate your digital subscription programs. You draw customers to your website with an exclusive offer, then digitally verify them as a seamless step in your sign-up process.

Media companies that run identity marketing programs have increased subscriptions by 6x and conversions by 91%.

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Publishers’ Can Transform Their Digital Customer Acquisition


Sports Teams Can Win Digital Fans and Support Local Communities


Marketing to a consumer community like the military or first-responders is a win-win. You can acquire new digital subscribers and support vital members of the community. In fact, more than 90% of first responders and military members said they routinely share these special offers with others who are eligible for them, spreading goodwill and reducing customer acquisition costs.

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How SheerID Helps You Deliver Results

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Move Fast—Get Value in Days

Launch an identity marketing campaign in less than a week. Instantly verify consumer eligibility for your offer. Create, manage, track, and optimize your program all in one workspace.



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Largest Network of Consumer Communities

Market to more than 2.5 billion prospective customers in hundreds of consumer communities. Keep them engaged year-round with campaigns that celebrate who they are, such as Veterans Day and Teacher Appreciation Week.



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Own the Experience—and the Data

Create a white-label, in-brand purchase process that maximizes conversions. Get complete control over your customer data and use it to nurture deeper brand loyalty.



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Leverage the Wisdom of Leading Brands

Skip the learning curve by tapping into the experience and best practices of hundreds of SheerID customers who’ve been running identity marketing programs for years.