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Acquire Digital Accounts While Mitigating Risk

Differentiate your brand using gated, personalized offers for students and military through Identity Marketing—backed by instant verification to win new customers, manage risk, and remain compliant.

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Win the Best Thin File Customers

Many consumers would be profitable customers, but their lack of credit history keeps them hidden. Identity marketing surfaces them by enabling you to target high value consumer communities like students and the military. Digitally verifying their identity with authoritative data sources mitigates your risk in acquiring them.

Identity Marketing programs are highly effective because they reward people for meaningful aspects of who they are, such as their life stage or occupation. Honoring people’s identities makes your brand stand out and creates an emotional connection that leads to greater loyalty.

Return on Advertising Spend

Eligible consumers typically share your offers with their peers, reducing acquisition costs.

Reduction in Promotion Fraud

Verification with authoritative data sources ensures only eligible consumers redeem your offer.

Conversion rate

Create strong emotional connections that motivate customers to take action.

SheerID Enables Financial Brands To:

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Acquire New Digital Accounts

SheerID empowers financial institutions to use identity marketing to acquire new digital accounts through gated, personalized offers. All while mitigating risk and fraudulent offer redemption by backing the offer with instant digital verification through SheerID’s network of 9,000 authoritative data sources.

Acquiring new digital accounts via identity marketing gives you a personalization program that can be set up in a matter of days. SheerID uniquely enables an in-brand verification process making it easy for your customer to get verified fast, and redeem your offer.

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Mitigate Risk for Thin-File Applicants

Add data to thin-file applicants’ risk assessment through digital verification that can instantly confirm a person’s current employment, student enrollment, and/or military status. SheerID uniquely enables banking and lending institutions to create an in-brand verification process that is fast and easy for the customer, all while helping to mitigate risk in lending decisions.

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Comply with SCRA and MLA Regulations

SheerID enables an easy and instant digital experience for customers to verify their active duty military status. SheerID’s unique white label solution allows for a frictionless verification process via redundant authoritative data sources that will delight both the customer and the compliance team.

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Verify Identity Instantly for AML Compliance

Enhance your compliance procedures by adding instant identity verification to your anti-money laundering processes for customers aged 16+. SheerID’s verification solution can keep your customers within your brand experience, and allow them to instantly verify their identifying information against authoritative data.

Best Consumer Communities for Financial Brands

Get started with Identity Marketing with one of our popular consumer communities for financial services.

Acquire Gen Z Customers with Student Offers

55% of students would like a personalized offer for credit cards or other banking products. Engaging them early can be a lucrative strategy to seed a long-lasting customer relationship. SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform helps you protect your offer by verifying their student and employment status.

Our Student Verification Solution includes:

US high school students
US college students and recent graduates
global university students
“Xfinity’s College Student Program is the top-performing gated program in Comcast history, and much of the credit goes to SheerID. The platform fully ensured we could reach the right audience and deliver offers that Gen Z found appealing, while also right-sizing our investment. We could never have launched such an ambitious campaign and seen such incredible results without SheerID’s verification assurance.”
Cheri Davies
Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing

Drive Customer Loyalty with a Military Offer

Military consumers are diverse but tightly knit, and they overwhelmingly prefer businesses that offer them exclusive discounts. With $1 trillion in annual purchasing power, they are a consumer community your brand can’t afford to ignore.

Our military verification solution includes:

veterans and military retirees
military spouses and other dependents
active duty, national guard and reservists
"In just one year we increased the number of military consumers taking advantage of the discounts by 130%, which generated 70% more in revenue from dealer subscriptions."
Jason Nierman
CRO and Co-Founder

Learn more about Identity Marketing for Financial Services

Why leading financial firms are finding success with SheerID

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Move Fast—Find Value In Days

Launch an identity marketing campaign in less than a week. Instantly verify consumer eligibility for your offer. Create, manage, track, and optimize your program all in one workspace.

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Reach 2.5 Billion Consumers

Market to more than a dozen consumer communities or create custom groups that align with your brand. Keep them engaged year-round with campaigns that celebrate what makes them special.

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Own the Experience—and the Data

Create a white-label, in-brand purchase process that maximizes conversions. Get complete control over your customer data and use it to nurture deeper brand loyalty.

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Leverage the Wisdom of the Leading Brands

Skip the learning curve by tapping into the experience and best practices of hundreds of SheerID customers who’ve been running identity marketing programs for years.