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Why Your Exclusive Offers Need White-Label Verification
Exclusive offers for groups like students, teachers, and the military are a great way to acquire and retain customers. Research shows that more than two in three members of these groups said receiving an exclusive offer would make them try a new brand and be more loyal to it.  But how you verify eligibility for ...
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How to Pick the Right Solution to Promote Your Gated Offer
Creating marketing miracles requires more than just wishful thinking. You’ve carefully chosen your strategic plan, but now comes the pivotal moment: bringing that plan to life. For example, the brands we work with at SheerID know they want to acquire students, teachers, military members, or another consumer community with a gated offer, but they often ...
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How Telco Can Retain Low-Income Customers after ACP
Low-cost internet access helps close the digital divide in America — but this spring, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which supported over 22 million households with discounted internet plans, is coming to an end.  According to a survey by Benenson Strategy Group, without these discounted plans, 65% of ACP participants fear losing their job or ...
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How to Create an Effective Omnichannel Rewards Strategy
It’s hard to know where retail spending is headed. DeLoitte’s recent State of the US Consumer report says that while consumer economic concern has eased, consumer spending intentions have yet to return to 2022 levels.  One thing is for certain, though: consumers want a satisfying omnichannel experience. According to a study by Retail Dive, 65% ...
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Brands need to prioritize omnichannel marketing.
Why Brands Should Prioritize Omnichannel Marketing
An earlier version of this piece appeared as a Retail Customer Experience post. Today, customers expect to be able to interact with brands through a variety of channels, whether they be an online marketplace, mobile app, or physical in-store location. Consider these statistics: 65% of consumers expect brands to offer the same level of customer ...
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MACH Technologies
Using MACH Principles to Build Better Retail Customer Experiences

The original version of this piece appeared as a Retail Touchpoints post. Technological advances move lightning fast, and this can leave retail businesses struggling to keep up with customer demands. That’s why the MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) Alliance formed in 2020: to help businesses achieve successful digital transformations and adapt to shifting customer […]

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Boost loyalty after the holidays.
How to Boost Customer Loyalty After the Holiday Season

The original version of this piece appeared as a Retail Customer Experience post. The tree is down, school is back in session, and the holiday shopping frenzy is over—what now? For retailers, January can be a slow month with limited opportunities, but with the right marketing strategies, you can start the new year with a […]

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Update your segmented marketing strategy for 2024.
The Top 6 Segmented Marketing Trends to Maximize ROI
As marketers strategize for 2024 and beyond, it’s critical that they keep their campaigns fresh and look ahead toward upcoming trends. Consumer needs and preferences are always evolving, as is technology, and staying on the cutting edge will help your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. One tried and true marketing technique is segmentation, ...
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How beauty brands can attract customers this holiday season.
How Beauty Brands Can Win Customers This Holiday Season

The original version of this piece appeared as a Global Cosmetic Industry post. The holiday season is one of the most important times for retailers, especially beauty brands that can offer fun seasonal products and tempting stocking stuffers. But with all this opportunity also comes intense competition. To stand out, beauty retailers should invest in […]

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Marketing to consumer communities is a highly effective tactic.
How to Pick the Right Consumer Community for Your Brand
Marketers looking to up their personalization game have been embracing a new tack: creating personalized offers for consumer communities. The approach is called identity marketing, and it has a secret weapon that traditional segmentation strategies don’t: members of a consumer community are deeply connected. When they hear about a good deal, they spread it through ...
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