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How Retailers Can Cut Through the Noise This Holiday Season

The original version of this piece appeared as a Total Retail post. The holiday shopping season is a crucial time for retailers, but capturing consumer attention can be challenging. Prices and competition are high, and with many consumers starting their shopping earlier than normal this year, retailers need to act fast. One technique retailers are […]

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Learn how to effectively market to Gen Z.
Marketing to Generation Z
Generation Z is the segment of people born in 1995 or later. This subgroup accounts for around 27% of the total population in the United States, with about 2 billion Gen Z members in the world as of 2023. On top of that, Gen Z has tremendous spending power—over $140 billion, to be exact. Seventy-five ...
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What Most Brands Get Wrong about Customer Loyalty: An Interview with Peter Fader
The days of growing a business by acquiring new customers as cheaply as possible are over. True profitability will only come when you do the hard analysis to identify your best customers, serve them incredibly well, and ignore the rest. This is the path to maximize the value they bring to your company.  So says ...
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Use SheerID to protect your promotions.
Protecting Your Promotions: Using Identity Verification to Secure Your Bottom Line
In today's digital age, fraud poses a substantial threat for all brands offering high-value promotional offers. Advanced fraudulent activities on promotions, including identity scams, are becoming increasingly common. In fact, promotion fraud represented 1.2% of US retail revenue totaling $89 billion in 2021, according to a survey from Ekata, and it is currently ranked as ...
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Retain holiday shoppers all year round.
Convert Holiday Shoppers to Year-Round Fans
The original version of this piece appeared as a Multichannel Merchants post. Holiday sales can offer retailers a major boost—but what happens when the holiday passes and consumers go back to business as usual? How can you persuade shoppers to come back after the Black Friday sale or the Christmas rush? After all, consumers motivated ...
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Gather zero-party data while also improving the user experience.
Gather High-Quality Data, Improve the Customer Experience
The original version of this piece appeared as a Retail Customer Experience post. With increasing demands for stricter data privacy, marketers are tasked with adjusting their data collection practices accordingly. Rather than defaulting to third-party data, brands need to prioritize zero-party data that customers willingly hand over. But how do you convince customers to share ...
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Update your marketing strategy for a cookieless world.
A New Way of Collecting Consumer Data
The original version of this piece appeared as a Martech Series post. With stricter regulations in place and greater consumer demand for less invasive data gathering practices, data collection is changing and marketers need to adjust their strategies to keep up. Having access to consumer data benefits you, the marketer, but it also needs to ...
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Win the loyalty of Gen Z consumers.
Convert Gen Z Consumers Into Loyal Customers
The original version of this piece appeared as a Forbes post. Marketers face challenges when crafting loyalty programs that cater to Gen Z, a core consumer demographic with distinct values, commercial preferences, and digital habits. The key to attracting and retaining Gen Z lies in respecting their preferences for autonomy, convenience, and authenticity. To achieve ...
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Clear out excess inventory without negatively impacting profit margins.
Clear Out Excess Inventory With Strategic Promotions
The original version of this piece appeared as a Chain Store Age post. When retailers find themselves stuck with excess inventory after a holiday, the go-to solution is widespread, dramatic markdowns. But this technique can quickly eat into profit margins, and customers may even be hesitant to buy from the brand full-price.  To solve this ...
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Brands need to prioritize omnichannel marketing.
Why Brands Should Prioritize Omnichannel Marketing
The original version of this piece appeared as a Retail Customer Experience post. Customers today want options. They don’t want to be limited to one method of shopping; instead, they expect the flexibility to visit a brick-and-mortar store, check out online, or use an app.  To meet this demand, brands need to adopt an agile ...
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