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Win the loyalty of Gen Z consumers.
Convert Gen Z Consumers Into Loyal Customers
The original version of this piece appeared as a Forbes post. Marketers face challenges when crafting loyalty programs that cater to Gen Z, a core consumer demographic with distinct values, commercial preferences, and digital habits. The key to attracting and retaining Gen Z lies in respecting their preferences for autonomy, convenience, and authenticity. To achieve ...
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Clear out excess inventory without negatively impacting profit margins.
Clear Out Excess Inventory With Strategic Promotions
The original version of this piece appeared as a Chain Store Age post. When retailers find themselves stuck with excess inventory after a holiday, the go-to solution is widespread, dramatic markdowns. But this technique can quickly eat into profit margins, and customers may even be hesitant to buy from the brand full-price.  To solve this ...
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Brands need to prioritize omnichannel marketing.
Why Brands Should Prioritize Omnichannel Marketing
The original version of this piece appeared as a Retail Customer Experience post. Customers today want options. They don’t want to be limited to one method of shopping; instead, they expect the flexibility to visit a brick-and-mortar store, check out online, or use an app.  To meet this demand, brands need to adopt an agile ...
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Engage your audience with exclusive offers.
Top Marketing Strategies for High-Performing Exclusive Offers
Top brands around the world—like SONIC, T-Mobile, and AT&T—have found tremendous success using exclusive offers to engage customers. This technique—known as identity marketing—works because it targets consumer communities whose members are united by deeply personal traits such as their job, lifestage, or affiliation.  By offering groups such as the military, students, or healthcare workers gated ...
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Win customers by aligning with their values.
Support Your Customers’ Values, Win Their Loyalty
The original version of this piece appeared as an Adweek post. Consumers today prioritize the values and ethics of the companies they support, and they are more likely to remain loyal to brands that align with their own beliefs. In fact, research shows that customers are willing to pay more for products or services from ...
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Learn how to get the most out of your free trial with SheerID.
6 Tips for Succeeding with SheerID’s Free Trial
The team over here at SheerID understands that marketers are looking for ways to break into crowded markets and find new customers. Part of my job is to help connect people with our product and I love introducing people to our free trial. Over the past few months, I’ve analyzed thousands of marketers have experienced ...
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Gather zero-party data while also improving the user experience.
3 Ways Collecting Consumer Data Boosts Customer Experience
This piece originally appeared as a Retail Customer Experience post. Marketers have entered a new era focused on data privacy. Google plans to retire the third-party cookie, and Apple has already downgraded its mobile identifier as part of ios 14.5. Plus, governments from California to China are cracking down on data collection without consumer consent. ...
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Marketers need to adjust their strategies for a cookieless world.
Is Invited Personalization the Future of Cookieless Marketing?
This piece originally appeared as a Digital Commerce 360 piece. Data gathered directly from consumers allows retailers to understand them on a deeper level, including such aspects of their identity as their life stage, the social or workgroups they belong to and their professions. Google’s recent announcement that it won’t allow cookie-based tracking in Chrome ...
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Make sure your retail brand thrives post-pandemic.
3 Customer Acquisition Strategies for Post-Pandemic Retail
This piece originally appeared as a Retail Customer Experience post. COVID has forced consumers online, and that's where they'll stay even after the pandemic is over. More consumers have gravitated in even greater numbers than anticipated to purchase online. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans spent $791.7 billion in 2020 on e-commerce, up 32.4% ...
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Brands like ASICS are using zero-party data to their advantage.
Why ASICS and Other DTC Retailers are Turning to Zero-Party Data
This piece originally appeared as a Retail Touchpoints post. Google’s announcement earlier this year regarding “Topics” — its more privacy-sensitive solution to FLoC, or Federated Learning of Cohorts — shouldn’t be a surprise for any retailer following trends in digital marketing. The company’s move to become more privacy-compliant falls squarely in line with where everything is going. ...
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