Don't slash your marketing budget during a recession.
4 Steps Retailers Can Take to Market Themselves in a Recession
This piece originally appeared as a Retail Touchpoints post. Marketing is often first on the chopping block during a recession, and with GDP contracting two quarters in a row, retail marketers are working hard to determine how to make each dollar go further. Many organizations will cut marketing spend in a bid to preserve margins. ...
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Offer customers something of value in exchange for their data.
Marketers: It’s Time to Offer Customers Real Value if You Want Their Data
This piece originally appeared as a Spiceworks post. As marketers stare at the eventual demise of third-party cookies, they are looking at zero-party data as an alternative. But how do they convince customers that sharing their valuable data is worth it? Here, Jake Weatherly, CEO, SheerID, uncovers three ways marketers can incentivize consumers to share ...
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Gather zero-party data to keep customers engaged.
How Marketers Can Gather Zero-Party Data Through Promotions
This piece originally appeared as a TotalRetail post. Deal-based marketing has often been associated with competing for customers based on the lowest possible price point. Traditionally brands that needed to sell products or tickets in a hurry partnered with deals sites to move these items at a large discount. However, this model doesn't maximize the ...
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May has become one of the biggest shopping months.
Why May is the New Black Friday
This piece originally appeared as a TotalRetail post. When we think about big revenue-generating opportunities on the calendar, we typically focus on November and December, particularly Black Friday. But sales on Black Friday last year — both in-store and online — dropped below pre-pandemic levels. Heading in the opposite direction is May, which is quickly becoming one of ...
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Your team should be prioritizing zero-party data.
How Zero-Party Data Improves on the Promise of First-Party Data
This piece originally appeared as a TotalRetail post. Privacy changes have forced marketers to consider how they can consensually obtain consumer data, inspiring debate over whether zero-party data exists and how it differs from first-party data. While first-party data refers to information brands collect directly from consumers, zero-party data, as defined by Forrester, refers to information ...
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Use zero-party data to your advantage.
3 Ways Retailers Can Gather, Harness and Effectively Use Zero-Party Data
This piece originally appeared as a TotalRetail post. Much of the conversation about how marketers can collect, harness and effectively use zero-party data focuses on brands, which struggle to gather it, or information consumers proactively provide, because businesses rarely maintain direct relationships with customers at scale. Retailers face an entirely different challenge: an abundance of ...
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Update your marketing strategy for a cookieless world.
Why Marketers Need to Shift Their Mindsets to Survive in a Cookieless World
The original version of this piece appeared as a Martech post. The future of data collection requires marketers to think differently. For years, the standard in marketing has been to collect as much data as possible, mostly covertly, and figure out how to use it to drive value later. Now, with new anti-tracking measures by ...
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Retain holiday shoppers all year round.
Making Loyal Customers Out of Holiday Shoppers
The original version of this piece appeared as a Multichannel Merchant post. Holiday shoppers opening their wallets online this year looks promising, but how many of them will become loyal customers when the frenzy ends? Black Friday’s ecommerce sales blew past the modest early projections for retailers, edging out in-store sales in year-over-year growth for the season’s ...
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Win the loyalty of Gen Z consumers.
How to Build a Loyalty Program That Resonates With Gen Z
The original version of this piece appeared as a Forbes post. As Gen Z ages into a core consumer demographic, marketers are scrambling to determine how best to serve a new generation of consumers with distinct values, commercial preferences and digital habits. One of the challenges they face is adapting loyalty programs to not only ...
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Clear out excess inventory without negatively impacting profit margins.
How to Move Post-Holiday Excess Inventory—and Maintain Brand Value
The original version of this piece appeared as a Chain Store Age post. Rising inflation and fears of a recession present a challenging environment for retailers in the first quarter of 2023. At the same time, they are grappling with a surplus of unsold inventory and a deluge of returns. Retailers looking to make a ...
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