Win Military Customers by Honoring Their Service with Personalized Offers

Gated offers make the military feel valued and move them to purchase, again and again.

Harness the Power of the Military Consumer Tribe

The military is a large and tightly-knit group. They identify strongly with others in their community and reward brands that recognize their service.

Research shows that supporting the military with personalized offers makes them try out a new brand, spend more, buy sooner, and purchase more often.




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How SheerID Drives Military Customer Acquisition

Create Deeper Brand Relationships

Eighty-five percent of the military strongly identify with being part of the military community. Personalized offers emotionally engage the military because they recognize this deep aspect of their identity.

Supporting the military also spurs a long-term relationship. Two in three military members said receiving a military offer makes them feel valued, which endears them to your brand.

Drive Greater ROI

Personalized offers deliver incredible returns because they drive purchase behavior. More than 40% of the military said a personalized offer would make them buy more items and purchase sooner.

Brands that provide exclusive offers to the military can see results as high as 6x conversions and a 25:1 ROAS.

Deliver Results Quickly

You can launch a military program in less than a week. And SheerID’s Dashboard lets you track your returns and optimize your program for maximum success.

Protect Your Offer from Discount Abuse

SheerID uses 9,000 authoritative data sources to digitally verify the military status of every customer who redeems your offer. Verification is an opt-in process that requires only basic information, such as name, email address, and branch of service.

It also occurs while shoppers are making a purchase, which is what military customers want.

How Top Brands are Using SheerID

Rollick Acquires More Customers

Rollick helps military customers buy outdoor vehicles by offering them exclusive discounts they can redeem at a wide range of dealerships. In one year, the Rollick’s military program:

Doubled the number of military leads.
Increased military verifications by 130%.
Grew subscription revenue by 70%.
“With SheerID’s help, our military program has created a powerful revenue stream for our company and partners.”
Jason Nierman
CRO and Co-Founder

Michaels Boosts Its Loyalty Program

Arts and crafts retailer Michaels tied its personalized offers to Michaels Rewards so it could provide a richer experience to customers.

Once Michaels launched the program, customers could apply the discounts to all their in-store and online purchases, and the company verified 200,000 seniors, teachers, and military members.

“SheerID not only prevents discount abuse, it helps both our company and customers get the most out of Michaels Rewards.”
Steve Woodward
Senior Director - Digital Experience

Tuft & Needle Leverages Cause Marketing

Tuft & Needle believes real heroes deserve real savings, so it gives a 15% discount to first responders, healthcare workers, and active military and veterans.

These programs support Tuft & Needle’s local communities and have helped the mattress company stand out in its highly competitive space.

“Honoring first responders is a mission-driven approach that helps us rise above the noise.”
Melanie LaDue
Gives Back Lead

Purple Prevents Discount Abuse

Purple wanted to aggressively market its military offer, so it used SheerID to prevent fraudsters from redeeming it. The company’s new military program:

Increased conversions by 6x.
Saved the company 49 hours each month.
Generated a 25:1 ROAS.
"In just eight weeks, our identity marketing program has produced 58% of the revenue it generated last year. Altogether, the programs account for 10-15% of all Purple’s online revenue.”
Colby Saenz
Affiliate Manager

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