Military Verification Services

Win loyal military customers by using personalized offers to reward their service.

Honor the Military with Exclusive Offers and Gain Customers for Life

The military is a large and tightly-knit group. They identify strongly with others in their community and reward brands that recognize their service.

Research shows that supporting the military with personalized offers makes them try out a new brand, spend more, buy sooner, and purchase more often.


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have used a military discount

Why Should You Give Personalized Offers to the Military?

Leverage the Military Identity, Create a Halo Effect
Leverage the Military Identity

Eighty-five percent of the military strongly identify with being part of the military community, and more than half say it influences how they see the world. Giving members of the military an exclusive offer rewards a deep part of themselves and creates a lasting emotional connection.

Create a Halo Effect

When you reward the military community with an exclusive offer you not only win the affection of the military, you stand out in the eyes of everyone who supports them. This raises awareness and generates goodwill for your brand.

Generate Incredible Word of Mouth, Engage High-Value Customers
Generate Incredible Word of Mouth

Members of the military trust their fellow service members and turn to them for brand recommendations. In fact, 76% of the military say that they learn about military discounts through word of mouth.

Engage High-Value Customers

With 37M members, the military community is a large group. And they possess a relatively high income: the average household income of an active duty servicemember is $74,500. But, most importantly, military customers are loyal. Reward them with an exclusive offer to gain a lifelong customer and a new, ongoing revenue stream.

Protect Your Military Offers with SheerID Verification

If your offer is compelling, everyone is going to want it. To keep it truly exclusive, you need to protect it with SheerID Verification Platform, the leading military verification service. SheerID digitally verifies that every customer redeeming your offer actually belongs to the military community, and offers your brand a host of additional benefits.

Run More Effective Campaigns, Win Brand Loyalty
Run More Effective Campaigns

When you use military discount verification to secure your offers, you can make them more compelling, provide them more frequently, and promote them more broadly. This helps your campaigns deliver greater results.

Win Brand Loyalty

Digital military discount verification ensures the exclusivity of your offer, which makes it stand out in the eyes of service members. It also shows how much you value the military community, which facilitates greater loyalty and makes them more likely to share the offer with their military peers.

Gain High-Quality, Zero-Party Data, Build Brand Trust
Gain High-Quality, Zero-Party Data

Most data that brands gather anonymously is unreliable and expensive. When you give the military a personalized offer and verify their military status, you collect zero-party data—the most valuable customer data you can have because it comes directly from the customer. And you can use that data to re-engage customers and deepen their brand relationship.

Build Brand Trust

With such a simple customer experience, military members are left feeling confident in the process—and in your brand.

Military Verifications with SheerID are Privacy-Friendly, Prevent Discount Abuse
Military Verifications with SheerID are Privacy-Friendly

Consumers don’t like brands surveilling them. When verifying military service with SheerID, you can instantly confirm the military status of an individual without asking for any sensitive data. SheerID doesn’t hold, share, or sell your customer data.

Prevent Discount Abuse

SheerID uses thousands of authoritative data sources to digitally verify the military status of every customer who redeems your offer. Military verifications with SheerID are an opt-in process that requires only basic information, such as name, email address, and branch of service.

How Discount Fraud Affects Your Business

Discount Abuse Impacts Your Margins
Discount Abuse Impacts Your Margins

When you give the military an exclusive offer but don’t verify military status, your brand loses money because ineligible consumers pay less than they should. Military verifications protect your offer from being exploited and increase your ROI.

Fraud Undermines Your Brand

If a personalized offer isn’t truly exclusive, it reduces the offer’s appeal. Not verifying military service for your military offer undercuts your commitment to the military, which can erode their trust in your brand.

How to Verify Military Status with SheerID

  • Create an exclusive offer and market it across all your channels.
  • Drive prospects to a landing page where SheerID’s military verification service is integrated seamlessly into your brand’s website and purchase process.
  • Verify military status instantly by having customers enter privacy-friendly information into a brief SheerID form.
  • Automatically issue a discount code that’s applied directly to the customer’s purchase during checkout.
  • Use the zero-party data you collect to re-engage them.

Recognize the Military During Important Times of the Year

Mark your Calendar! Holidays and key season trends are a great way to create peak promotion opportunities throughout the year that are unique to each group

Branch Birthdays
June - December
Veteran's Day
November 11
Military Family Appreciation Month

How Top Brands are Using SheerID


Rollick Acquires More Customers

Rollick helps military customers buy outdoor vehicles by offering them exclusive discounts they can redeem at a wide range of dealerships. In one year, the Rollick’s military program:

Doubled the number of military leads.
Increased military verifications by 130%.
Grew subscription revenue by 70%.
“With SheerID’s help, our military program has created a powerful revenue stream for our company and partners.”
Jason Nierman
CRO and Co-Founder

Michaels Boosts Its Loyalty Program

Arts and crafts retailer Michaels tied its personalized offers to Michaels Rewards so it could provide a richer experience to customers.

Once Michaels launched the program, customers could apply the discounts to all their in-store and online purchases, and the company verified 200,000 seniors, teachers, and military members.

“SheerID not only prevents discount abuse, it helps both our company and customers get the most out of Michaels Rewards.”
Steve Woodward
Senior Director - Digital Experience

Tuft & Needle Leverages Cause Marketing

Tuft & Needle believes real heroes deserve real savings, so it gives a 15% discount to first responders, healthcare workers, and active military and veterans.

These programs support Tuft & Needle’s local communities and have helped the mattress company stand out in its highly competitive space.

“Honoring first responders is a mission-driven approach that helps us rise above the noise.”
Melanie LaDue
Gives Back Lead
Tuft and Needle Logo from SheerID

American Giant Prevents Discount Abuse

American Giant wanted to aggressively market its military offer, so it used SheerID to prevent fraudsters from redeeming it. When American Giant launched its new military program, the company:

Saw its military email campaigns perform better than other promotions
Saved 5-10 hours each week
Limited its PII liability and generated higher conversion rates
“SheerID’s platform makes our military program run like a well-oiled machine. We’ve had zero support calls from our military customers, and SheerID provides us with exceptional support.”
Paulina Izvorski
Retention Marketing Associate
American Giant Logo from SheerID

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