Deliver Personalized Offers to Members
of the Military Community

Instantly Verify 37M Military Members and Their Families

Military Personalized Offers Drive Customer Acquisition and Loyalty

Lowe’s military campaign saw email open rates double and motivated buyers to  make twice as many trips to the store.

Harness the Power of the Military Consumer Tribe

The military community is an untapped group of consumers that includes 37+ million active duty service members, reservists, the National Guard, retirees, veterans, and their spouses and dependents.

Military consumers are diverse but tightly knit, and they overwhelmingly prefer to shop at businesses that offer them exclusive discounts. With $1 trillion in annual purchasing power, they are a consumer tribe your brand can’t afford to ignore.

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Consumer-Friendly Verification

SheerID respects consumer privacy by requiring only minimal personal data to verify military shoppers, not highly sensitive information like a Social Security number.

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Why You Should Market to the Military

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Easily Verify 37M Military Members and Their Families

SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform uses 9,000 authoritative data sources to instantly and securely verify that everyone in the military community who redeems your personalized offer is eligible for it.

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Purple Generates 6x Conversions, a 25:1 ROAS, and 58% of Annual Revenue in 8 Weeks

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T-Mobile Drives Retention with an Exclusive Offer and Other Benefits for the Military

Michaels boosts loyalty among the military through their rewards program.

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