Win More Loyal Telecom and Cable Subscribers

Beat churn by rewarding your best customers with a verified, exclusive offer that endears them to your brand.

Acquire Lifelong Customers with Identity Marketing

With identity marketing, you give exclusive offers to high value consumer communities like students, teachers, first responders, and the military. These offers set your brand apart and make customers feel recognized for key aspects of their identity, which drives app sign ups.

Using SheerID to verify your offer keeps it truly exclusive, which prevents fraud and increases its appeal. Verification also gives you zero-party data you can use to drive usage and loyalty.

Why Telecom and Cable Companies Use SheerID

Return on Ad Spend

Eligible consumers share your offers with others in their group, reducing acquisition costs.

Fraud Reduction

Digital verification with authoritative data sources prevents discount abuse.

Increase in Subscribers

Offer exclusivity makes subscribers feel appreciated and increases conversions.

How Identity Marketing Benefits Telecom & Cable Companies

Acquire More Users

Identity marketing drives conversions because consumers actively look for brands that reward their community with special offers. When given an exclusive offer, 89% of students, 90% of the military, and 94% of teachers are more likely to try a new brand.

Increase Loyalty and CLV

Offers that reward a consumer’s community drive higher lifetime value. More than 70% of students, teachers, and the military are more loyal to companies that give them an exclusive offer.

Prevent Discount Abuse and Gain Better Data

Digitally verifying subscribers when they redeem your offer ensures the data they provide is accurate. It also prevents fraud and shows your audience the offer is truly just for them, which increases its value and motivates them to take advantage of it.

Win Gen Z Subscribers


Verified Offers Win Students

Gen Zers are starting to head off to college, and giving them a good deal will win their business. More than two-thirds of students said they wanted a discount on subscription-based services, and nearly half said receiving one would make them purchase sooner. Using SheerID to verify their eligibility prevents fraud and keeps your offer truly exclusive, which makes it even more appealing.

Our Student Verification Solution includes:

high school students in 34 countries
university students worldwide
“Xfinity’s College Student Program is the top-performing gated program in Comcast history, and much of the credit goes to SheerID. We could never have launched such an ambitious campaign and seen such incredible results without SheerID’s verification assurance.”
Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing

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