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Win Healthcare Customers by Recognizing their Value to the Community

Personalized offers show healthcare workers you care, while SheerID healthcare identity verification protects them from fraud.

Give Back to Healthcare Workers and Gain Loyal Customers

The healthcare community represents a large, lucrative group of consumers with big spending power. In the US, 1 in 3 healthcare workers earn more than $100k per year. Since the pandemic hit in early 2020, brands have increasingly recognized healthcare workers for their selfless acts of service and sacrifice. Brands that recognize this group with a personalized offer using healthcare identity verification are seeing huge success in customer acquisition and retention, as well as winning goodwill from other consumer groups who recognize how important health workers are in the community.

Who are healthcare workers?

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Healthcare Practitioners, Administration, and Support

Healthcare Professionals in 15 countries


Seek out brands with healthcare discounts


Will try a new brand when offered a healthcare discount

SheerID Powers and Protects Your Healthcare Offers

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Create Meaningful Bonds with Customers

When surveyed, 95% of healthcare workers said they identify strongly with being a healthcare professional, more so than their family role, nationality, religion, or political affiliation. Brands who recognize this identity will make consumers feel that they are seen for who they truly are and that they understand their needs. The healthcare community describes itself as hardworking (89%), compassionate (76%), and knowledgeable (72%). By speaking to them the way they see themselves, you can tap into an emotional connection that goes beyond traditional personalization tactics.

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Fuel Your Acquisition Engine

When the healthcare community receives an exclusive discount just for them, 66% said it makes them feel valued. By recognizing healthcare workers in this way, they are driven to take action on these offers.

  • 60% of healthcare workers would be willing to try a brand for the first time if they received an exclusive discount
  • 56% would choose that brand over one that didn’t offer a healthcare discount
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Encourage Word of Mouth Sharing

The best offers are ones that generate organic word-of-mouth sharing amongst colleagues; the ones that are so good, you have to tell a friend. In fact, when we asked the healthcare community where they like to learn about healthcare discounts, over half (58%) of them said their healthcare colleagues. When an offer generates this type of sharing, it even helps drive down your customer acquisition costs.

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Generate a Halo Effect of Brand Goodwill

Consumers connect with brands that have similar values and align their corporate responsibilities with causes they care about. The healthcare community has been in crisis mode, and brands who show their efforts to give back will be rewarded.

  • 46% of consumers stated they are more likely to buy from brands that share their beliefs & values.

Recognize Healthcare Workers During Important Times of the Year

Mark your Calendar! Holidays and key season trends are a great way to create peak promotion opportunities throughout the year that are unique to each group

National Health Education Week
October 17-21

How Top Brands are Using SheerID


Rothy’s Devoted Fans Drive Revenue

When the pandemic hit, Rothy’s asked its customers how it could best respond.

They said Rothy’s should offer its teacher discount to nurses and other frontline workers, so the company did.

Listening to its loyal customers paid off. Adding these groups to Rothy’s program grew its revenue by 60%.

"Using SheerID to digitally verify every shopper helped us acquire new customers, increase loyalty, and ensure the program was profitable.”
SVP of Growth

Tuft & Needle Leverages Cause Marketing

Tuft & Needle believes real heroes deserve real savings, so it gives a 15% discount to nurses and other healthcare workers, as well as first responders, active military, and veterans.

These programs support Tuft & Needle’s local communities and have helped the mattress company stand out in its highly competitive space.

“Honoring first responders is a mission-driven approach that helps us rise above the noise.”
Melanie LaDue
Gives Back Lead

CheapCaribbean Reduces Fraud

CheapCaribbean knew nurses need a vacation, so it launched a personalized offer giving them a chance to win one of 50 free trips to a locale of their choice.

The company protected the offer with SheerID, and the campaign brought in 8,000 customers while reducing discount abuse by 36%.

“SheerID's Identity Marketing Platform made it easy for us to truly reward nurses and launch a positive brand relationship with them.”
Jordan Clegg
Brand Manager, Integrated Marketing

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