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Win Teachers with Personalized Offers that Show Your Support

Gated, personalized offers make teachers feel appreciated and drive brand loyalty.

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Protect Personalized Offers with SheerID to Win Their Business

Teachers identify more strongly with being a teacher than they do their religion, family role, hobby, or cultural background. And they love brands that recognize their tireless dedication to prepare our children for the real world.

Research shows that rewarding teachers with a gated, personalized offer make them try out a new brand, spend more, buy sooner, and purchase more often.


Educators Worldwide


Purchasing power in US alone


Out-of-pocket spend on school supplies in US alone

How SheerID Helps Acquire Loyal Teacher Customers

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Win New Customers

Personalized offers help brands get the greatest impact from their acquisition programs, especially as customer acquisition costs continue to rise. In addition to trying a new brand, personalized offers encourage:

  • 1 in 2 to buy more items sooner.
  • 1 in 4 to spend more.
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Generate Goodwill. Build Brand.

Appreciating the contribution teachers make to their classrooms and their community creates an emotional connection that captures their attention and endears them to your brand. 3 in 4 teachers prefer to shop with brands that offer teacher discounts.

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Activate Word-of-Mouth and Reduce CAC

Teachers belong to tight-knit groups who know and trust each other. When one member shares a personalized offer with the group, others are likely to take advantage of it. In fact, more than 90% of teachers said they would share such an offer with others if they knew they were eligible. This kind of viral, word-of-mouth marketing helps drive down customer acquisition costs.

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Prevent Fraudulent Discount Redemption

When you create a high-value offer, it can be highly desirable. So ensuring it’s protected is of the utmost importance. SheerID provides instant verification of teachers and educators in the US, ensuring that your offer only goes to eligible educators.

Rapidly Scale Your Program

As you see success, you can expand your program to verify teachers worldwide. SheerID can provide localized experiences in the consumer’s language, delivered through white-label, in-brand website verification forms as well as email and SMS re-engagement tools.

Recognize Teachers During Important Times of the Year

Mark your Calendar! Holidays and key season trends are a great way to create peak promotion opportunities throughout the year that are unique to each group

Back to School
July - September
American Education Week
November 14-18
National Education Support Professionals Day
November 16

How Top Brands are Using SheerID


Targus Acquires Teacher Customers

Targus, a longtime provider of high-quality laptop bags and technology accessories, leveraged identity marketing to acquire teachers. Using language that would resonate with teachers such as, “recognizing your hard work,” they were able to communicate their support and capture teacher’s attention, resulting in huge wins for their campaign:

increase in revenue
increase in orders
higher conversion rate
“SheerID is helping us acquire and retain customers with personalized offers that acknowledge people’s unique identities and the contributions they make to our communities.”
Jon Pickard
Senior Manager of eCommerce

Michael’s Streamlines Teacher Rewards

Arts and crafts retailer improved its customer experience for teachers by making its in-store teacher discount available online. By integrating SheerID into their loyalty program, they verified 200k customers and gave teachers their discount automatically for future online purchases.

“Integrating our senior, teacher, and military personalized offers into our rewards program has helped us more deeply engage some of our best customers. We can provide a richer experience and additional perks to groups we highly value.”
Steve Woodward
Senior Director - Digital Experience

Headspace Supports Teachers and Wins Business

Headspace wanted to honor educators — an undervalued group it sees as pivotal to society—but needed help creating a personalized offer to engage them. By partnering with SheerID, they were able to provide free access to their meditation service, with a big impact:

25k new subscribers
33% reduction in fraud
15% increase in email CTR
“Teachers often face limited budgets and receive little recognition for their work. Giving them our app for free allows us to thank them for their service and nurture an authentic brand relationship built on trust.”
Lino Reveles Trujillo
Social Impact Lead

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