SheerID Identity Verification

Verify consumer identities to optimize your commerce flows.

Identity Verification Products Built for Your Needs


ID Verification

Verify consumers have a valid photo ID or driver’s license via instant data checks or AI-assisted document review.

Biometric Verification

Verify that a consumer’s face matches the photo on their ID with a biometric liveness check.

Solutions Designed to Meet Your Business Goals


Fraud Protection

Ensure real consumers are redeeming your gated offers by requiring ID or biometric liveness checks.

Loss Prevention

Protect your brand from rental and return theft by requiring an identity check or a biometric liveness check during your sales process.

The Benefits of Using SheerID for Identity Verification

Own the Customer Experience

Create a direct relationship with your customers by:

  • Providing a white label verification experience.
  • Never requiring them to create a separate account.
  • Verifying them online, on mobile, and in your stores.
Own Your Data

Own all customer data collected during the verification process.

  • Seamlessly stream verification data to 400+ martech solutions with DataConnectors.
  • Leverage data to personalize customer experiences and drive loyalty.
  • Reverify customers to ensure they remain community members over time.
Expand to a Global Presence

SheerID can verify identities around the world.

  • Launch programs in multiple regions around the world.
  • Leverage multi-language support.
  • Verify hundreds of communities alongside identity.