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SheerID’s CEO, Jake Weatherly, spoke with The Tech Tribune for their ‘Profile of A Founder’ series.

Tech Tribune compiled the very best tech startups in Oregon 2021 rankings in partnership with Crunchbase among independent, privately owned businesses.

SheerID partnered with Force4Good on a COVID-19 Vaccine Notifier site for medical professionals to alert (registered) people who are nearby when they have extra COVID-19 doses available so they don’t go to waste.

In an effort to streamline the process and to help ensure that more doses make it to more people, Portland startup SheerID has partnered with Force4Good to create a vaccine notifier.

The fast-growing company raised $64 million from investors in 2019 and outlined plans for international growth. Now it is expanding its reach in 13 European markets.

Personalization has become a key driver for marketing leaders, even more so in today’s largely remote selling and digital marketing environment; Jake Weatherly, CEO at SheerID dives into the growing use and benefits of Identity Marketing.

In the “old” days, if you wanted a student discount, you’d probably have to show your student ID. Now, there are entire websites dedicated to special discounts for teachers, military, medical and more. The best part? Technology is making the verification process faster and easier than ever before.

Targeted ads have become a major battleground, with bad actors strategically distributing misleading information or ensnaring unassuming users in scams. Researchers warn that an advertising platform with categories like “Army” and “United States Air Force Security Forces” could be abused. According to SheerID, there are roughly 1.3 million active-duty United States military members and 18 million veterans living in the US, all of which could amount to as much as $1.2 trillion in buying power.

Tapping into our collective desire to belong is a powerful and sustainable psychological tool—and marketing approach—for retailers.

Emotions have an intense impact on our decisions. They create lasting impressions and make us follow the same pattern of action again in the future. SheerID states that A consumer’s emotional response to an ad can have 2-3x greater influence on their intent to buy a product than the actual content of the ad.

A decade ago, we never would’ve thought that the stagnant mattress market had anything valuable to teach retailers. Yet here we are in 2019, and the mattress market is booming: there are more than 200 players and, growing 6.5% each year, it’s expected to reach $43 billion by 2024.

Today’s customers are bombarded by offers from a wide range of companies that want their business. But when offers are targeted and truly exclusive – delivered with pinpoint accuracy to ideal buyers – they can stand out from competing offers and generate a much greater sense of brand loyalty. In this episode, we’re joined by Sai Koppala and Bill Schneider from SheerID – a marketing solution that helps retailers acquire new customers through gated exclusive offers.

SheerID provides automated verification for careers and lifestyles that can receive discounts, such as college students, teachers, first responders, or military service members who can get online price reductions or exclusive offers.

Everybody likes to get student discounts. But not everybody who asks for one is a student, so SheerID helps ecommerce companies by verifying whether someone really qualifies for ecommerce discounts, exclusive offers, or other deals aimed at students. Today, the company is announcing it can do instant student verification in 191 countries.

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