Research Reveals Majority of Gen Z is Pessimistic About the Economy – 71% Plan to Tighten Budgets and Be Selective on Purchases

Survey of Gen Z shows exclusive offers are the leading approach to try a new brand and build customer loyalty in the current economic environment. Portland, OR — April 23, 2024 — SheerID, the global leader in identity verification for commerce, today announced the findings of a survey of Gen Z consumers.  Fielded by Centiment ...
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How to Pick the Right Consumer Community for Your Brand

Marketing to consumer communities is a highly effective tactic.
Marketers looking to up their personalization game have been embracing a new tack: creating personalized offers for consumer communities. The approach is called identity marketing, and it has a secret weapon that traditional segmentation strategies don’t: members of a consumer community are deeply connected. When they hear about a good deal, they spread it through ...
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Marketing to Generation Z

Learn how to effectively market to Gen Z.
Generation Z is the segment of people born in 1995 or later. This subgroup accounts for around 27% of the total population in the United States, with about 2 billion Gen Z members in the world as of 2023. On top of that, Gen Z has tremendous spending power—over $140 billion, to be exact. Seventy-five ...
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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Student Verification Solution

Three students gathered outdoors around a laptop discussing worldwide student verification.
Personalized student offers are a powerful way to reach Gen Zers around the world. But for your programs to succeed, you need an effective form of student verification. In a previous blog, 6 Obstacles to Launching a Worldwide Student Offer, we outlined the challenges that make worldwide student verification difficult. In today’s post, we look ...
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Alteryx Promotes Customer Loyalty with Gated Offers for Students and Teachers

Woman at a laptop using software Alteryx provided free to build student and teacher customer loyalty.
Companies everywhere are searching for data-driven solutions to their business challenges, and many of them are using Alteryx software to find them. The trouble is, the workforce has a shortage of skilled data analysts. Alteryx sees this as an opportunity. The company recognized the need to prepare college students to enter these fast-growing careers, and ...
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How to Win a New Generation of Customers with Student Offers — Infographic

College students revel in their youth and the endless opportunities that lie ahead, and they love when brands recognize their life stage with personalized offers.  According to new research by SheerID, 92% of students identify with being in college more strongly than they do with their family role, religion, nationality, or cultural background. And offers ...
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New Research: What Teachers and Students Want from Brands for Back-to-School in 2020

As summer winds down, the pandemic still shows no signs of ending. Plans for the new school year are constantly changing, and students and teachers are struggling with an uncertain future. Brands have a special opportunity to provide support—and win new customers—with meaningful offers that support them through the crisis. To find out what these ...
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Brands Help Teachers and Students Stretch their Budgets with Special Offers as Questions Swirl Around the Opening of Schools

SheerID is proud to partner with twenty-six brands that are offering special deals for the millions of students and teachers who are preparing for the school year, either at home or in the classroom Portland, OR – July 24, 2020. As we near the start of the school year, many of the country’s students and teachers ...
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How to Grow Your Business by Caring for Customers

A female teacher calling on a young student in her classroom.
The coronavirus has unraveled everyone’s world, but marketers carry additional stress. Many are wondering how to engage their customers during this crisis, and how their brands can be part of the solution in an authentic and meaningful way.  The answer is to provide personalized offers to those that have been hardest hit. Our recent survey ...
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5 Steps to Ensure the Success of Your Personalized Offer

Delivering personalized offers is a smart move for brands. But they often don’t see their programs deliver big results, usually for one of two reasons. Their fear of discount abuse keeps them from promoting the offer broadly, or they use manual verification to confirm eligibility, which wastes valuable time and resources and doesn’t scale.  Targus, ...
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