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Marketing to Gen Z as Easy as 1–2–3

Exclusive, gated promotions are one of the best ways to market to Gen Z. These offers feel personal and cost-friendly, two things that Gen Z prefers.

However, Gen Zers have to verify their eligibility in order to receive their personalized offer. This can give them pause, and sometimes ruin the transaction completely. According to our 2018 Shopper Survey conducted by Kelton Research, Gen Z is “particularly concerned about the potential for brands to misuse information they collect when an offer is redeemed.” Nearly 40% of Gen Zers worry that brands will share personal information without consent. Also, 1 in 3 Gen Zers are skeptical about brands’ security measures.

With all this in mind, how do you balance Gen Z’s privacy concerns with their love of gated offers? Make it Gen Z-friendly by providing an exclusive offer backed by digital verification.

What is Digital Verification?

Third-party digital verification uses authoritative databases to cross-reference a consumer’s information. Because of this, it’s convenient and much more accurate than manual verification. Follow these three steps to make your gated offer appealing to Gen Z. 

The Best Way to Verify Gen Z for an Exclusive Offer

01  Apply Discounts Immediately

Once upon a time, verification meant showing up at the cash register with a stack of paperwork proving you were who you said you were.

Nowadays, any manual process will take way too long for Gen Z—they crave quick, streamlined transactions. A digital verification platform streamlines this process as long as it:

    • Pulls information from a broad range of accurate databases.
    • Verifies buyers instantly.
    • Includes a document review step when eligibility can’t be immediately confirmed.
88 percent of Gen Zers want the abiity to redeem a gated offer instantly.

02 Avoid Collecting Data That’s Too Personal

It may seem that Gen Zers are more relaxed about sharing their personal information, especially online. However, nothing could be further from the truth. As it turns out, Gen Z is extremely sensitive about what kind of personal information they share online.

As far as Gen Z marketing campaigns go, less personal is always best. Most Gen Zers (about 80%) are willing to share their full name and an email address to access a gated, exclusive offer. However, only 32% are willing to share a social security number. 

Gen Zer's Will Share the Following

A graph representing the type of personal information Gen Z is willing to share to access an exclusive offer.

03 Use a Third Party to Verify Eligibility

Digital verification experts like SheerID use authoritative databases to confirm identity. This can help boost Gen Z’s confidence in a brand, making them more likely to purchase. In case there’s any lingering doubt, research shows that two-thirds (66%) of Gen Zers would rather be verified by an independent company.

66 percent of Gen Zers say they would rather be verified by an independent company.

Digital Verification Seals the Deal for Gen Z

This tech-smart generation of young consumers have the dollars and the population size to impact on the market. However, it can be challenging for brands to stand out. Savvy marketers who use gated promotions to capture Gen Z’s attention can rise above the noise by giving Gen Z what they want: an opt-in transaction that feels customized with them in mind. With the help of digital verification, brands clear the final hurdle to acquiring this lucrative segment.

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