Personalized Marketing

Compared with other types of marketing, the goal of personalized marketing is to more effectively engage with potential customers by offering them targeted, individualized content, promotions, and experiences. Personalized marketing includes everything from personalized emails to VIP events to personalized gated offers.

To do this, marketers can take advantage of collected data or tools that enable personalized marketing. SheerID’s Digital Verification Platform helps marketers create gated, exclusive offers targeting groups of consumers based on their social identity. This includes life stages (like students and seniors) or affiliations (like military members or teachers).


How Successful Brands Honor the Military and Win Their Business

Hero Military Mom
On June 9, 1944, Private Joe Gandara’s detachment came under heavy enemy fire from a German force in Amfreville, France. After the gunfire had pinned him and his fellow soldiers to the ground for several hours, Gandara advanced voluntarily and alone toward the enemy, destroying three machine guns before he was fatally wounded. He posthumously ...
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How to Win a New Generation of Customers with Student Offers — Infographic

College students revel in their youth and the endless opportunities that lie ahead, and they love when brands recognize their life stage with personalized offers.  According to new research by SheerID, 92% of students identify with being in college more strongly than they do with their family role, religion, nationality, or cultural background. And offers ...
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Brands Help Teachers and Students Stretch their Budgets with Special Offers as Questions Swirl Around the Opening of Schools

SheerID is proud to partner with twenty-six brands that are offering special deals for the millions of students and teachers who are preparing for the school year, either at home or in the classroom Portland, OR – July 24, 2020. As we near the start of the school year, many of the country’s students and teachers ...
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Brands Extend Support of Health Workers After Record Number Receive Benefits in April

Leading brands expand support of frontline health workers after SheerID reported over one million health workers received special offers in April via its platform Portland, OR – May 18, 2020. Though Nurse Appreciation Week concluded earlier this month, brands across the country have recognized the need to extend special offers to healthcare workers throughout May ...
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Brands Give Back to Military during Military Appreciation Month

SheerID is proud to support the brands that provide exclusive offers to the thirty-seven million members of the US military community Portland, OR – May 4, 2020 – During these extremely challenging times, it’s more important than ever to show our appreciation for the people who sacrifice so much to keep us safe. Our military ...
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Companies Express Gratitude for Educators with Personalized Offers during Teacher Appreciation Week

SheerID proudly partners with brands that provide exclusive offers to the 6.7 million educators in the US Portland, OR – May 4, 2020 – In light of the challenges the world faces, it’s an especially important time to show appreciation for the work of others – particularly those people who support our children, such as ...
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Doctors Are Fighting the Pandemic. Here’s How Brands Can Help.

Header Image
Doctors are one of the consumer communities that have been hardest hit by COVID-19. They are working long hours on the front line, fighting to save people’s lives while exposing themselves—and their families—to infection. It’s no wonder more than 70% of frontline healthcare workers are experiencing psychological distress.  Communities everywhere are expressing their support. Even ...
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How to Grow Your Business by Caring for Customers

A female teacher calling on a young student in her classroom.
The coronavirus has unraveled everyone’s world, but marketers carry additional stress. Many are wondering how to engage their customers during this crisis, and how their brands can be part of the solution in an authentic and meaningful way.  The answer is to provide personalized offers to those that have been hardest hit. Our recent survey ...
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SheerID CEO in MarTech Advisor: Why Telecom Brands Are Taking a New Approach to Personalized Marketing

Marketers continue to search for the best way to create a lasting connection with consumers. And identity marketing, a new form of personalized marketing, is rising to the top.  Especially now, during these uncertain times, consumers are paying close attention to how brands are engaging with them. Quality communication is far more important than quantity.  ...
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5 Steps to Ensure the Success of Your Personalized Offer

Delivering personalized offers is a smart move for brands. But they often don’t see their programs deliver big results, usually for one of two reasons. Their fear of discount abuse keeps them from promoting the offer broadly, or they use manual verification to confirm eligibility, which wastes valuable time and resources and doesn’t scale.  Targus, ...
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