How a Personalized Offer to Nurses Brought in 8,000 New Customers

Nurse Header
Nurses deserve our support—now more than ever—and leading brands like The North Face are giving them personalized offers to say thank you. Honoring nurses is a smart marketing strategy because it supports people we count on and helps brands acquire new customers. When CheapCaribbean launched its personalized offer to nurses, it had 2x engagement, received ...
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4 Ways Expedia Created Successful Personalized Offers

Headshots of Sai Koppala and Dan St. Clair at Skift 2019 for their conversation about Expedia's personalized offers.
Traditional marketing tactics, like universal discounts and segmentation, aren’t working like they used to. This fact is particularly apparent in the hospitality industry, where consumers show more loyalty to price than they do to brands, and where universal discounts have completely taken over. Brands like Expedia are trying a new approach: personalized offers. Expedia's personalized ...
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