Q: I’m a shopper trying to redeem a discount or find a deal. Can you help me?

A: Of course! Please visit our Shoppers site, here.

Q: What if I only want to offer discounts to a group a couple times per year?

A: You can use SheerID or NOT use it any time you want throughout the year. Veterans Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Back to School are great times to offer exclusive discounts.

Q: If SheerID determines a customer doesn’t meet my eligibility requirements, then what happens?

A: Our highly configurable architecture allows our clients to decide how many times customers can attempt verification and what kind of consolation message consumers receive if they aren’t eligible for an offer. We also have a customer service team staffed 24/7/365 to respond to consumer inquiries, or you can use your in-house team for customer support. Contact us for more information and examples.

Q: What groups can SheerID verify?

A: SheerID can verify hundreds of customer segments, associations, documents, or groups. We instantly verify the status of students, teachers, past and present military personnel, first responders, healthcare professionals, new movers, driver’s licenses, and more. We can also verify identity documents, such as photo IDs and licenses, as well as add biometric identity checks for higher assurance. Contact us and we can talk through your specific needs.

Q: What does SheerID do?

A: SheerID provides brands instant, consumer verification experiences to securely streamline commerce transactions. Through API connections to the largest network of authoritative consumer data sources, SheerID can instantly verify identity attributes for marketing, fraud protection, and loss prevention.

Q: How does the verification process actually work?

A: The verification process depends on the attribute you want to verify, as well as any fraud protection you opt to add to enhance your security. For the majority of gated offer verifications, i.e. a student needing to verify for a 20% discount, we ask the consumer to provide basic information, such as their first name, last name, and date of birth. We then instantly check this data against our authoritative data source. The data source confirms if they have a match or not. If there is a match, we consider the consumer verified. We also supplement our authoritative data sources with document review if we cannot find an authoritative data result.

Want to see it in action? Contact us to request a live demo.

Q: How can SheerID help me target my specific market?

A: SheerID gives you the option to market to segments of consumer groups however you best see fit. We have expert marketing strategists on our staff to help you learn more about consumer segments and build campaign strategies. We also have a network of preferred marketing partners, for example, if you want an agency to help you execute a campaign. SheerID does not sell verified consumer data and it does not market to consumers that have verified through SheerID.

Q: How long does implementation take?

A: Implementation varies depending on your product needs. However, if your brand wants to create a gated offer, you can easily create a verification program in minutes using MySheerID. See how in this video or contact us to learn more about different products and custom needs.

Q: How will SheerID increase my ROI?

A: Depending on your use case, SheerID can help you generate more sales or protect your bottom line. When using SheerID for Gated Offers, our customers see increases in the number of sales and average order volume. Use our ROI calculator to see the value of SheerID Gated Offers.

If using SheerID for Loss Prevention or Fraud Protection, we help you keep bad actors from taking advantage of your valuable goods and services.

Q: How does it integrate in my website?

A: Literally, any way you want. SheerID has easy-to-use tools and resources for you to integrate our verification capabilities into your website, POS system, mobile app, or internal customer service sales system in the most seamless way possible. You can choose from SheerID-hosted solutions, which require little to no IT support, or use our API to complete client-hosted integrations. We also offer customized solutions to fit your needs, your products, and the needs of your customer.