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How to Capture the Senior Market with Gated Offers

Our verification clients include:

We Instantly Verify 100% of the US Population Over 50

With SheerID Senior Verification you can seamlessly offer discounts and promotions to the 50+ age group. You set the age range you want to target and we ensure that only eligible customers can redeem your offer.

SheerID verifies through its authoritative data sources:

  • US Adults 50+ = 109 million
  • US Adults 65+ = 51 million
Seniors Statistics page - 1 in 3 Seniors Shop Online, 87% Love Exclusive Offers

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Seniors Segment Statistics with population numbers and purchasing.

A Golden Opportunity

Why Marketing to Seniors Pays Off

Most brands only spend about 10% of their marketing budget on senior promotions. Digital marketers often assume seniors are both strapped for cash and technology averse.

As it turns out, ignoring this segment means missing out on $3.2 trillion in spending power—75% of the wealth in the U.S. And nearly half of them are making online purchases every month.

Don’t be the brand that misses out. Learn how gated, exclusive offers can tap into this lucrative segment.