Acquire Loyal Customers in a Cookieless World

Win new customers by giving exclusive offers to your key consumer communities. Use the zero-party data they provide to turn them into life-long customers.

How Travel and Hospitality Brands Can Attract Loyal Customers

Consumers want highly personalized experiences and they strongly identify with the communities they belong to. SheerID enables you to give exclusive offers to groups like students, teachers, and the military. When customers redeem the offer, they provide basic information and SheerID instantly verifies it using more than 200K authoritative data sources.

This form of personalization is called identity marketing and it drives greater conversions because it rewards meaningful aspects of a customer's identity. The exchange makes customers feel special and gives you verified zero-party data—the highest quality data available—to nurture their loyalty and drive growth.

Return on Advertising Spend

Eligible consumers typically share your offers with their peers, reducing acquisition costs.

Reduction in Promotion Fraud

Verification with authoritative data sources ensures only eligible consumers redeem your offer.

Conversion rate

Create strong emotional connections that motivate customers to take action.

How Identity Marketing Benefits Travel and Hospitality Brands

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

You can easily retain customers by using the data they provide when they redeem your offer to re-engage them. When you know what groups a customer belongs to you have valuable insight into their lives—students travel abroad, military members take more vacations. By combining this insight with other data you can create highly personalized marketing, such as running special campaigns during key holidays and events, like Veterans Day and Spring Break.

Win New Customers

Identity marketing helps your brand stand out in a noisy marketplace because it rewards important aspects of your customers’ lives, such as their occupation, affiliation, or life stage. Your offer makes customers feel recognized for who they are, which makes it highly appealing and launches an emotional connection with your brand that leads to greater conversion and loyalty.

Drive Word of Mouth

Most consumer segments don’t know each other, but consumer communities do. When you give an exclusive offer to a group like students or healthcare workers, customers quickly spread the word because they love to share a good deal with their network. This lowers your CAC and increases the ROI of your campaigns.

Trigger a Halo Effect of Goodwill

When you use an exclusive offer to recognize groups like teachers, healthcare workers, and the military, you don’t just stand out in their eyes, you generate brand awareness and goodwill among all the people who are grateful for the service these groups provide.

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Why Travel and Hospitality Brands Use SheerID

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Move Fast—Find Value In Days

Launch an identity marketing campaign in less than a week. Instantly verify consumer eligibility for your offer. Create, manage, track, and optimize your program all in one workspace.

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Verify 2.5 Billion Consumers

Market to hundreds of consumer communities that align with your brand, including professional groups like accountants, construction workers, personal care specialists, and more. Keep them engaged year-round with campaigns that celebrate what makes them special.

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Own the Experience—and the Data

Create a white-label, in-brand purchase process that maximizes conversions. Get complete control over your customer data and use it to nurture deeper brand loyalty.

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Leverage the Wisdom of the Leading Brands

Skip the learning curve by tapping into the experience and best practices of hundreds of SheerID customers who’ve been running identity marketing programs for years.