SheerID InStore

Drive greater loyalty by letting customers redeem your gated offer in person with SheerID InStore – the omnichannel marketing solution that delights shoppers and provides deeper customer insight.

In-Store Verification Has Never Been Easier

Today’s consumers expect a seamless brand experience. With SheerID InStore, you can extend the power of your gated offer by letting customers redeem it in person. And you can use the verification data you collect onsite to re-engage them with personalized experiences. This enables you to create an omnichannel marketing strategy that puts your customers at the center of your brand and drives tremendous growth across your business.


How ASICS Leveraged SheerID InStore

Features That Drive Your Omnichannel Success

POS-Readable Barcodes

Acquire more customers by enabling them to redeem your offer at any point of sale using barcodes and QR codes they present at the register.

Associate Override

Empower store associates to directly verify a customer’s eligibility. This helps increase AOV and ensures the ultimate in-store experience optimization.

Store-Level Reporting

Track the performance of your offers by region and store for greater campaign insight, and to monitor the use of Associate Override to identify potential employee abuse.

Program Customization

Create in-store programs that fit your locations perfectly by working with our team to customize your approach, branding, and messaging.

Omnichannel Marketing Consultations

Learn how to effectively create and market an in-store program, seamlessly integrate verification data into your CRM, and leverage it for greater loyalty.

Train the Trainer

Prepare for a seamless in-store launch by training staff to process your offers, respond to customer inquiries, and troubleshoot any issues.

Stream Your Data. Go Omnichannel.

Providing a unified customer experience across channels is half the omnichannel battle. To win it, you need to be able to send customers the right message at the right time. With SheerID Dataconnectors you can stream verified, first-party customer data to over 400+ solutions in the MarTech stack to personalize future experiences.

ASICS Success with SheerID InStore

When ASICS launched its gated offer, the success made store associates immediately want the ability to offer the discounts to customers in-person.

SheerID InStore made that possible in what the company said was a “seamless implementation process” that now gives it customer data across multiple channels to create even more personalized experiences.

“We've seen having a superior in-store experience leads to higher brand loyalty, so we love partnering with SheerID to help us market to consumer groups in our stores and online.”
Sean Condon
VP of Omnichannel