Measure the ROI of Using SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform

Delivering gated, personalized offers to consumer communities is a powerful marketing strategy for gaining customers and creating lifetime loyalty.

In comparing two dozen e-commerce sites and consumer brands, we found that the average conversion rate of identity marketing campaigns is a whopping 18%—3x higher than the industry average.

Enter Your Current Metrics to Calculate Your Potential ROI with SheerID

Potential Campaign Performance with SheerID

Conversion Rate
vs 0% without SheerID

Brands using SheerID typically see a 3x increase in conversions due to the frictionless verification and check out process.

Online Campaign Revenue
vs $0 without SheerID

With higher conversions and AOVs, brands increase their online campaign revenue by using SheerID.

Likely Fraud Prevented

SheerID ensures that only eligible customers can take advantage of your offer. This prevents fraud and protects your margins, which make your programs more profitable. It also creates scarcity, which increases engagement and revenue.

Total ROI with SheerID

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The potential results are based on the average results seen by customers who are actively using the IDM and SheerID as part of their marketing activities. Results may vary.

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Why Leading Brands are Finding Success with SheerID

Discover why marketers believe engaging consumer communities like teachers, nurses, and the military is more powerful than traditional segmentation. Talk to one of our experts to see how you can increase conversions now and launch an identity marketing campaign in less than a week.


“We knew that rewarding nurses with a personalized offer would be a great way to win their business—and their loyalty.”

Dana Studebaker
Senior Director of Marketing

“Xfinity’s College Student Program is the top performing gated program in Comcast history, and much of the credit goes to SheerID and Riddle & Bloom.”

Cheri Davies
Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing Comcast
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“The SheerID team has done a great job of being able to flex to what we needed. We’ve been very pleased, and we value them as one of our top partners.”

Amy Jones
Marketing Manager
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