SheerID for Loyalty Programs and Digital Wallets

Verify hundreds of identity attributes like profession, student status, and military membership so you can provide consumers with special access and offers to build loyalty and grow membership.

How to Collect Verified Attributes with SheerID

#1 Invite

1. Invite

Ask consumers to verify membership in a community like the military so they can receive special offers.

#2 Verify

2. Verify

Verify a consumer's identity with SheerID’s 200K+ authoritative sources to ensure only eligible customers can redeem a brand's offer.

#3 Re-engage

3. Re-engage

Use verified data in loyalty marketing and digital wallets to personalize messages and offers.


Collect High-Quality Data at Scale

SheerID enables loyalty marketers and developers to collect verified data directly from consumers in exchange for exclusive offers, rewards, and experiences.


Consumers willingly provide their information in exchange for a high-value offer.


Consumers supply identity attributes like profession, affiliation, or income range.


SheerID uses 200K+ authoritative data sources to verify the accuracy of the consumer-provided data.

Drive Loyalty and Digital Wallet Success with SheerID

Connect your verification data to 400+ Martech stack platforms via Dataconnectors. Learn more.

Leverage DataConnectors to connect verification data to hundreds of marketing platforms seamlessly – no developer time required. Need your data to be accessible via our API or via a purpose built webhook? We can do that too. With your data, you have limitless options.

Customize First-Party Data Collection

With SheerID, you can customize your verification form to collect additional first-party data attributes alongside the data SheerID verifies. So, you can verify that a student attends the University of Wisconsin, and also ask for additional information from the student, such as their major or even their shoe size.

Protect Consumer Privacy

Consumer verification is an opt-in exchange that requires only basic consumer data, like an email address and DOB. PII is purged and is GDPR, CCPA, and SOC 2 compliant.

Learn more about how we keep consumer data safe.

You Own All The Data

Unlike other verification solutions, SheerID doesn’t re-market or monetize any data collected during the verification process. You can use consumer data for personalization, analysis, and more.