Marketing to Teachers

Marketing to Teachers
Why Market to Teachers? Educators make up a large consumer group. There are about 7 million teachers, college professors, and administrators in the US, and they have $329 billion in spending power.  And teachers aren't just spending that on personal items. According to our annual teacher survey, 94% of teachers used their own money to ...
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Marketing to College Students

College Students
The college student segment in the United States is made up of nearly 20 million people. Marketing to this young, influential group is a powerful way to create lifelong customers. Currently, college students come from the millennial generation or Generation Z, and have had access to the internet for most or all of their lives. ...
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What Are Customer Verification Services?

Verification Services
Customer verification services confirm that an individual has a desired characteristic such as an affiliation with a particular group like the military or being a student. They can also be used to verify occupation or current employment. One highly valuable use of verification services is in targeted marketing campaigns, where they can help businesses identify ...
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What are Gated Offers?

Gated Offers
Gated offers are targeted, gated promotions designed for members of a particular group based on their occupation, life stage or affiliation, such as “college student” or “member of the military.” Done correctly, the process for redeeming a gated offer is protected by digital verification, a step that checks consumers’ credentials against authoritative data to confirm ...
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