The SheerID Verification Platform

Authoritative Identity Verification Optimized for Commerce

200K+ Authoritative Data Sources to Verify Billions of Consumers Worldwide

SheerID has the largest network of authoritative data sources to instantly verify consumer identity attributes like professional occupation, student or military status, driver’s licenses, and more. We verify only the attributes consumers explicitly agree to, and we never use the verification data we collect for marketing purposes. Through API connections to authoritative sources, our platform is optimized for high conversions and omnichannel commerce.


200,000+ Authoritative Data Sources to Verify Billions of Consumers Worldwide

Hundreds of Verified Attributes. Delivered Instantly.


Hundreds of Verified Attributes. Delivered Instantly.

Open APIs For Seamless Integration

SheerID is a MACH Alliance member. Our platform’s open API’s and pre-built integrations allow you to seamlessly connect our products with other best-of-breed technologies to support first- and third-party digital experiences. This helps you avoid the cost of monolithic suites and gives you the flexibility to define composable tech stacks that better meet the needs of your business.


Open APIs For Seamless Integration

Verification That Delivers the Ultimate Assurance and Best CX

SheerID provides a verification process that’s frictionless and corresponds to the level of potential risk. You choose the method that meets your needs, while always giving customers a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Community Verification

Verify consumers are students, teachers, healthcare workers, in the military or belong to hundreds of other communities.

Driver’s License Verification

Verify valid US driver’s licenses to prevent retail and rental theft.

Age Verification

Confirm a consumer's eligibility for a gated offer for young adults or seniors.

ID Document Verification

Verify consumers have a valid photo ID for fraud prevention.

Biometric Verification

Verify that a consumer’s face matches their photo ID for even greater security.

Products Built on the SheerID Verification Platform

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Gated Offers

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Loss Prevention

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Fraud Protection

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Loyalty & Digital Wallets

One platform. Multiple uses. Cha-Ching.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Loyalty

Zero-Party Data

Fraud Protection

Personalized Rewards and Offers

Loss Prevention for Equipment Rentals

Loss Prevention for Receiptless Returns