Give a Special Offer. Get Zero-Party Data.

Consumers will happily share personal information in exchange for something they value. SheerID enables you to target key customers with an exclusive promotion and then collect their zero-party data when they opt-in to redeem it.

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What is Zero-Party Data?

Zero-party data is personal information a customer shares directly with you. It’s the most accurate and valuable data you can have because it comes straight from your audience and explicitly indicates their desire to engage with your brand.

How to Collect Zero-Party Data with SheerID


Pick a group you want to target.

SheerID can help engage college students, teachers, military members, and hundreds of other professional communities.


Create an offer just for them.

Make it something your consumer community would find appealing, like an exclusive discount, free perk, or VIP experience.


Verify their eligibility.

Ask customers to provide basic information like their email address, and use SheerID to digitally verify they belong to the group you’re targeting.


Use zero-party data to nurture customer loyalty.

Re-engage customers with campaigns that continue rewarding their community with special offers.

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