Make “Simple” even “Simpler”

Posted on May 25, 2012 · 2 min read

This is a marketing blog, so I find this a safe place to occasionally show the ugly under belly of marketing. If you aren’t a marketer, well, read at your own risk.

One of my mantras I’ve had for about a dozen years of my long marketing career is “Never underestimate the stupidity of your customer.” Ooh, ouch, really? Yep.

A relationship counselor would ask me to rephrase that and turn my pointing finger on myself. If I did it would read more like “Don’t assume anything.” Don’t assume your customer understands your service. Don’t assume your customer knows all the internal, tribal language you use to describe your product. Don’t assume your customer understands what the next step is to buy your product.

Since it’s a mantra around here as well, we’re all pretty good at making things simple, really simple, maybe even really, really simple. The SheerID service after all, is about making it super simple to offer a discount.

So, with that preamble, here is another one of our cute infographics. We took our simple service, that makes it simple to offer exclusive discount, and explained it in the simplest format possible.

infographic on preferred account set-up



This particular graphic shows our electronic verification. See if you want to offer a discount to military personnel, or your biz dev partner’s customers we can verify them automatically for you. Your customers likely won’t even realize they were verified, we’re that good.

Sometimes though, doing business gets a little messy and customers don’t always fit into a database no matter how big of a shoehorn you use. That’s why we developed the SheerID electronic verification. If you want to launch a teacher’s discount program, or a senior discount program, or a “customer’s named Penelope” discount program, we can verify those for you too. This infographic is explaining how crazy simple that is to pull off. Plus, the verification happens in about 2 minutes.

If you want copies of our latest infographic to line your gerbil cage, or maybe hand to your e-commerce ninja, feel free to contact us  and we’ll send you hard copies through this thing called the US Postal Service, or we can email you a PDF.

Marci Hansen by Marci Hansen