Top 5 ways to celebrate teacher appreciation month

Posted on Apr 4, 2013 · 3 min read

colorful blackboard chalkThink back to your own school days. Do you remember your favorite teacher and the impact they had on you? My favorite teacher was Mrs. Daniels. She taught first grade at Fort Worth Christian elementary school. She gave me my first lesson in brand marketing when we performed blind taste tests of Jiffy, Peter Pan, and generic peanut butter. She also introduced me to Ramona Quimby. Chances are she did more than I’ll ever know. 91% of teachers buy supplies for their own classrooms, and more than half of teachers have paid for students to go on field trips when they students couldn’t afford them. Teachers deserve our thanks and appreciation every day, but it’s especially important for us as former students, parents, and socially responsible companies to show them a little love for what they do day in and day out.

Maybe your company can’t afford to donate millions education, like Best Buy, Staples, Apple or Dell, but there are ways any company can help out teachers, regardless of how big or small they are.

  1. Host a donation drive for school supplies. It’s estimated that teachers spend $1.3 billion out of their own pockets on supplies for their classrooms each year. Hosting a school supply drive or book drive can be as easy as setting out a collection bin for the month of May and encouraging your customers to drop off pencils, pens, crayons, and other school supplies. At the end of the month, drop them off to a grateful teacher or principal at a local school.
  2. Donate to Working with this charity organization to support teachers and schools couldn’t be simpler. We partnered with them ourselves at our booth at InTix in January by making a donation for each business card we collected from trade show attendees. Teachers post projects that need funding, and you simply log on, select the project that you want to support, and make your donation. You can give any amount, and funding an entire project can cost as little as $200.
  3. Offer a teacher discount. Teachers truly appreciate teacher discounts, and they are loyal to  the companies offer them. This list of teacher discounts regularly makes the rounds among teachers on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you’re interested in offering teacher discounts for the month of May (or any time of year), we can help. Getting your teacher verification platform in place is fast and painless.
  4. Use social media campaigns to make teachers feel appreciated. Start by using the hashtag #thankateacher on Twitter throughout the month of May. Make them feel even more special by  creating a contest or sweepstakes on Facebook or Pinterest where your customers can nominate their favorite teachers for prizes. For inspiration, check out Target’s Facebook driven sweepstakes from last year’s back to school campaign.
  5. Host breakfast for teachers at a local school. If you sell coffee, fruit, baked goods, or own a restaurant, think about donating delicious goodies to a local school. Make it a community event by partnering with other local businesses to create an amazing, free breakfast or luncheon for teachers in your community.

If you start planning now, there’s no reason you can’t come up with something totally awesome by May 6th for this year’s official Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6th-10th, 2013).

Angela Modzelewski by Angela Modzelewski