# 1  Performing Customer Acquisition Program

American Giant’s gated offer program generated higher conversion rates and greater loyalty than other promotions.

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Our Customers Say

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Not only has our exclusive offer program increased our brand awareness, the engagement rate has been 2-3x higher than any other campaign we are running.

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Ryan Fagan

Director of Sales & Ops

The SheerID team has done a great job of being able to flex to what we needed. We’ve been very pleased, and we value them as one of our top partners.

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Amy James

Marketing Manager

Lots of travel brands offer similar products, but our gated offers set us apart. They give us a competitive advantage that’s cost-effective and highly appealing to our audience.

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Jeff Russell

Director of Marketing

Our Top Brands

Hundreds of the world’s leading brands are using SheerID to acquire loyal customers.

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SheerID powers Target’s teacher and military discounts.

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YouTube uses SheerID to acquire new student subscribers.

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Urban Outfitters targets students with offer backed by SheerID.

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Zappos acquires new customers with gated offers.

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Grubhub fuels growth with gated student offer.

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Zoosk fights back against military romance scams with SheerID.

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T-Mobile uses exclusive offers to honor the military.

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Vail honors the military with an epic promotion on their Epic Pass.

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``SheerID has helped us acquire a record number of new customers.``

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CBS All Access wanted to attract students. SheerID delivered.

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Purple uses gated offers to market to the military.

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L.L. Bean uses gated offer to engage students, teachers, and the military.

headspace logo

Headspace entices teachers and students with an exclusive offer.

untuckit logo

UNTUCKit uses digital verification for military offers.

comcast logo

SheerID ensures only students can redeem Comcast’s gated offer.

tableau logo

Tableau’s student program drives long-term loyalty.

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J. Crew uses exclusive offers to differentiate its brand.

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Spotify acquires student customers around the globe.