Enrich Your Customer Data with SheerID Audience Development

Discover the communities that your prospects and customers likely belong to with authoritative data.

Harness the Power of Authoritative Identity Data

Knowing that someone recently moved into a new home, works as a teacher, or serves in the military is a valuable customer data point. SheerID uses authoritative sources to identify contacts in your database that likely fall into groups like these, giving you insight you can use to create highly personalized campaigns that acquire and retain them.


You gather first-party data from your customers and prospects.


SheerID identifies which consumers are likely members of select, high value communities.


You target these customers with personalized communications, experiences or offers, available through SheerID Verification Platform.

Why Use SheerID Audience Development to Enrich Your Data

Gain Customer Intelligence

Understand more about your customers by discovering a meaningful and actionable aspect of their identity.

Decrease Media Waste

Confidently send relevant, personalized messages to the correct community segments.

Increase Campaign ROI

Drive more conversions by personalizing your customer experiences.

SheerID’s Authoritative Data

Real-Time Results

Most vendors rely on stagnant, piecemeal databases to enrich your data, but SheerID connects to authoritative data sources in real time, giving you the most up-to-date customer information available.

Trusted Sources

SheerID has spent more than ten years building relationships with specialty data sources to become the leading authority on consumer verification. Our platform has accurately verified more than 100 million consumers.