The Customer Acquisition Strategy That Appeals to Every Generation—Infographic

Generations Image
Introduction Recently, generational marketing has become the norm in customer acquisition. But it can be tricky. For example, how do you market a product to digital natives like Gen Z alongside digital immigrants like Baby Boomers? In this infographic, we: Provide insight into the four largest generations of our time. Illustrate how these generations respond ...
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How Retailers Can Stand Out in a Noisy Marketplace

A shopping mall filled with people. Retailers greatest customer acquisition challenge is standing out from their competitors.
It’s no secret that digital marketers, especially those in retail, are constantly grappling with how to acquire new customers. They know that programs that lead to success one quarter can fail to deliver results in the next one. But what exactly are the challenges? And is there any hope that retail marketers can meet them? ...
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Grubhub’s Exclusive Student Offer Fuels Repeat Business

An image of Grubhub's gated student offer giving college students $12 off their first delivery order of $15. Gated offers use initial discounts to drive long-term customer loyalty.
When it comes to food delivery services, students are the ideal segment. They’re up late, they don’t cook a lot, and they’re part of a younger generation accustomed to convenience and instant gratification. Discounts are the right way to capture their attention, but brands that want to keep it need a longer-term customer loyalty strategy. ...
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How Converse is Acquiring Customers with Identity-Driven Exclusive Offers

Converse's new customer acquisition strategy gives college students and members of the military a gated, exclusive discount of 10% off.
For more than a century, Converse has been dedicated to self-expression and storytelling. The iconic brand, known for footwear that bears its hallmark star insignia, believes that what people wear defines sport, street, and creative culture. One of the brand’s goals is to help customers create an authentic style simply by being themselves. For example, ...
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How American Giant Drove More Military Orders with Less Effort

A man wearing American Giant apparel he purchased through a military exclusive offer. The program is one of the company’s most effective customer acquisition strategies.
American Giant is a fast-growing start-up in the highly competitive apparel market. Their high-quality, American-made clothing was a stark contrast to “fast fashion”—imported clothing that valued brand recognition over quality—but the company's commitment to style and durability found an audience and put them on the map. American Giant had a lean marketing team who knew ...
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