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Research Reveals Majority of Gen Z is Pessimistic About the Economy – 71% Plan to Tighten Budgets and Be Selective on Purchases

Survey of Gen Z shows exclusive offers are the leading approach to try a new brand and build customer loyalty in the current economic environment. Portland, OR — April 23, 2024 — SheerID, the global leader in identity verification for commerce, today announced the findings of a survey of Gen Z consumers.  Fielded by Centiment ...
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Leading Brands Provide Support for Medical Workers on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic with Gated, Special Offers

SheerID expands identity marketing platform enabling brands to verify doctors, nurses, and other health workers around the globe to ensure benefits go to intended populations Portland, OR—April 6, 2020—SheerID, the identity marketing platform used by hundreds of leading brands around the world, today announced expanded support for brands to create gated, special offers to support ...
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Why We’re Expanding Our Platform to Include Employment Verification Worldwide

A man in a blazer walking through a plaza with a discounted messenger bag he bought using employee verification.
Today marks another leap forward for identity marketing: brands can now create personalized offers for their corporate discount programs around the world. Our new release verifies employment in 191 countries, enabling companies to work directly with their partners’ human resources departments to implement the offers and to own the relationships they form with their new ...
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3 Reasons Why Marketing to Gen Z Students is Good for OTTs

LinkedIn Hero Pink Girl
Gen Z is a trending topic among digital marketers. People are asking, “Why is marketing to Gen Z students important?” Lionel Bringuier, senior director of channel partnerships at SheerID, discussed this trend with Maria Ingold, CTO of Connected Media | IP.  During the interview, Bringuier shared three reasons why OTTs should focus on marketing to ...
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SoundCloud Launches Student Offer to Drive Conversions

An woman appearing in ad for SoundCloud's gated student offer, a new customer acquisition strategy the company is using to gain loyal subscribers.
Student offers are fast becoming the norm in the subscription economy, and for good reason. College students are a perfect customer group for streaming media companies to target, but their disposable income is usually limited. Price can make or break their decision to sign up. That’s the feedback SoundCloud heard in its community forum: for ...
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Marketing to Gen Z as Easy as 1–2–3

A young person surfing the web for gated, exclusive offers.
Exclusive, gated promotions are one of the best ways to market to Gen Z. These offers feel personal and cost-friendly, two things that Gen Z prefers. However, Gen Zers have to verify their eligibility in order to receive their personalized offer. This can give them pause, and sometimes ruin the transaction completely. According to our 2018 Shopper ...
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7 Effective Gen Z Marketing Campaigns

A Gen Z student smiling.
Successful marketers like you know all the tricks to create sweet promotions while taking transaction value and merchandising into account. But with so many deals and discounts coming at consumers, it can be hard to get noticed. Especially by such a digitally scrutinous audience as Gen Z. How can you best reach this rising segment ...
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Why Exclusive Offers Are Ideal for Gen Z Marketing

A Gen Zer surfing on their smartphone for gated, exclusive offers.
How do digital marketers acquire Gen Zers as loyal, lifelong consumers? While targeted promotions have been around forever, Gen Z expects a different type of customization and engagement than previous generations. For example, they look to engage with brands that offer them more personal interaction. In addition, Gen Zers are looking for brands to keep ...
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5 Things You Should Know About Marketing to Gen Z

Gen Z Hero Banner Face
Marketing to Gen Z presents brands with a unique challenge. This generation never grew up with the sweet sound of dial-up kicking in. They've never had to suffer through infomercials, or listen to music and send a text message on two separate devices. But they know the internet better than any generation out there. Gen ...
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Marketing to College Students

College Students
The college student segment in the United States is made up of nearly 20 million people. Marketing to this young, influential group is a powerful way to create lifelong customers. Currently, college students come from the millennial generation or Generation Z, and have had access to the internet for most or all of their lives. ...
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