Employment Verification Services for Financial Risk Assessment

Employment Verification Services for Financial Risk Assessment

Attract profitable customers in digital channels and increase their approval rates.
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Create New Revenue Streams without Taking on Greater Risk

Are you turning away potentially lucrative customers because you can’t quickly and accurately verify whether they are currently employed? SheerID removes that obstacle by instantly verifying a customer’s employment status, enabling you to securely assess their risk and boost your approval rates.

Our platform uses authoritative data sources to verify active employees of large, small, and even gig employers. We leverage secure API connections and never scrape private bank information.

With SheerID, you can reduce false negatives and increase approval rates, which boosts your profitability.

Expand Your Audience

Verify over


employees in 15 countries.

Increase Approvals

Improve verification match rate by

Save Money

Reduce fraud by


How SheerID Helps You Approve Profitable Customers

Increase Approval Rates of Qualified Customers
Increase Approval Rates of Qualified Customers

Don’t screen out worthy applicants. With SheerID, you can instantly access employment data for 75% of consumers, strengthening your ability to approve profitable customers you might otherwise disqualify.

Protect Your Company from Data Breaches
Protect Your Company from Data Breaches

SheerID’s verification process is a highly secure, opt-in exchange that requires only minimal personal data and is digitally encrypted. We never use screen scraping, which can make accounts more vulnerable to breaches. And we never market to your customers, or use, sell, or share your data.

Streamline Your Approval Process
Streamline Your Approval Process

Instantly verifying an applicant’s employment streamlines their access to your products and services, which helps you quickly acquire more customers and boosts long-term profit.

Flexible Data Integration
Flexible Data Integration

Easily integrate our verification data into your organization’s technology stack with our full suite of APIs and implementation resources.

Learn How Financial Service Organizations Use SheerID

How SheerID Drives Results for Financial Firms

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Move Fast—Find Value In Days

Launch an identity marketing campaign in less than a week. Instantly verify consumer eligibility for your offer. Create, manage, track, and optimize your program all in one workspace.

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Reach 2.5 Billion Consumers

Market to more than a dozen consumer communities or create custom groups that align with your brand. Keep them engaged year-round with campaigns that celebrate what makes them special.

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Own the Experience—and the Data

Create a white-label, in-brand purchase process that maximizes conversions. Get complete control over your customer data and use it to nurture deeper brand loyalty.

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Leverage the Wisdom of the Leading Brands

Skip the learning curve by tapping into the experience and best practices of hundreds of SheerID customers who’ve been running identity marketing programs for years.