Acquire More Subscribers and Reduce Churn

Acquire More Subscribers and Reduce Churn

Convert and keep customers with identity marketing campaigns that deliver exclusive offers to consumer communities like students, first responders, and the military.

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How Streaming Media Companies Can Win Loyal Customers

Identity marketing attracts high value subscribers with exclusive offers that make your brand stand out. You create a special deal for students, first responders, or the military, then digitally verify their eligibility, which protects your margins and underscores the offer is truly just for them.

Customers who receive these promotions convert more often because they feel rewarded for who they are. And they stay longer because you can use the zero-party data you collect to nurture their love of your service and build lifelong loyalty.

Return on Ad Spend

Consumers who receive identity-based offers share them with others in their group, reducing acquisition costs.

Fraud Reduction

Digital verification with authoritative data sources prevents discount abuse.

Increase in Subscribers

Offer exclusivity makes subscribers feel appreciated and increases conversions.

How Identity Marketing Benefits Streaming Media Services

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Acquire More Customers

Consumer communities actively look for brands that reward them, and offering them a special deal is a highly effective way to win their business. When given an exclusive offer based on their identity, 41% of first responders, 50% of students, and 58% of the military will use it to try a new brand.

Increase Loyalty and CLTV from SheerID
Increase Loyalty and CLV

Identity-based offers create an emotional connection with consumers. Students feel excited (75%), military members feel valued (66%), and first responders feel thankful (63%). And this bond leads to greater brand loyalty. More than half of first responders and three in five military members who receive a personalized offer will patronize that brand more frequently.

Identity marketing also drives CLTV. Students who use a discount to subscribe to a streaming media service convert to full price after graduating at rates as high as 98%.

Lower CAC with Offers that Go Viral from SheerID
Lower CAC with Offers that Go Viral

Consumer communities have strong networks. When they find a good deal, they spread the word, which amplifies your campaign and increases your ROI. More than 90% of students, first responders, and the military would share a personalized offer with others in their group.

Protect Your Offer and Make it More Appealing from SheerID
Protect Your Offer and Make it More Appealing

Digital verification is what makes identity marketing so effective. It prevents discount abuse by ensuring that only eligible subscribers can redeem your offer. It also shows your audience the offer is truly just for them, which increases its value and motivates them to use it.

Acquire Your Best Customers with Identity Marketing

Personalized offers to high value consumer communities can drive revenue and expand your reach.

Acquire Gen Z Customers with Student Offers

Gen Z makes up 26% of the US population, and by the end of the decade they will control 30% of global net income. Winning them with a college student discount pays off when they graduate and remain loyal customers who pay full price.

SheerID can verify:

US high school students
US college students and recent graduates
global university students
“Xfinity’s College Student Program is the top-performing gated program in Comcast history, and much of the credit goes to SheerID. The platform gave us direct access to zero-party data we could use to nurture the students into lifelong customers.”
Cheri Davies
Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing

Drive Customer Loyalty with a Military Offer

Military consumers are diverse but tightly knit, and they overwhelmingly prefer to shop at businesses that offer them exclusive discounts. With $1.2 trillion in annual purchasing power, they are a lucrative consumer community to engage.

SheerID can verify:

veterans and military retirees
military spouses and other dependents
active duty, national guard and reservists
“To show our support and gratitude for their service, we’ve partnered with SheerID to use their digital verification service to extend an exclusive Pandora offer for members of the military community.”
Senior Brand and Product Manager

Increase Revenue by Honoring First Responders

Firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and paramedics are everyday heroes who provide critical services to our communities. Giving them a personalized offer is a great way to thank them for their work and grow your business.

SheerID can verify:

Police Officers
EMTs and Paramedics


Increase Revenue by Honoring First Responders from SheerID

Recognize Teachers with a Personalized Offer

Teachers are dedicated professionals with above-average household incomes, and giving them a personalized offer is a great way to win their business. Four in five teachers will use a personalized offer to try a new brand.

SheerID can verify:

K-12 teachers
college faculty and professors
school administrators


Recognize Teachers with a Personalized Offer from SheerID

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