Age Verification Services

Acquire new customers and collect their verified data by rewarding them with exclusive offers that honor their life stage.

Collect Zero-Party Data with Age-Verified Offers

With SheerID’s Age Verification Services, you can create a personalized offer for any age range, and then confirm a customer’s eligibility and verify their data when they redeem the offer. Rewarding someone’s life stage makes your brand stand out, and when you use the zero-party data you collect to re-engage them, you can turn a great first impression into lifelong loyalty.

Senior Age Verification

Seniors have $15 trillion in global spending power. With SheerID, you can engage 108 million seniors in seven countries. Giving them a special offer will drive new business and endear them to your brand: more than 30% will purchase sooner and 71% will feel thankful.

Young Adult Age Verification

Gen Zers have $143 billion in global spending power and they’re just beginning to form their brand relationships. Giving them an exclusive offer wins their business now and gives you the data you need to nurture their loyalty. With SheerID, you can reach 88 million young adults in seven countries.

The Benefits of SheerID’s Age Verification

Create Deeper Brand Relationships

When you honor a customer’s life stage with an exclusive offer, you recognize an important aspect of their identity, which creates an emotional connection with your brand. And because the exchange gives them genuine value, it launches a relationship built on trust and keeps them coming back.

Protect Your Offer from Discount Abuse

SheerID uses more than 20,000 authoritative sources to digitally verify the age of customers who redeem your offer. This protects your margins, which increases your ROI.

It also shows your customers that your offer is only available to people in their life stage, which makes your offer more appealing and motivates them to redeem.

Activate Word of Mouth and Reduce CAC

Gen Zers are heavy social media users and love to spread the word about a good deal. And research shows that more than 90% of seniors will share an exclusive offer with other seniors. A special offer to these groups can easily go viral, which amplifies your campaign and lowers your acquisition costs.

You can also create “Black Friday-like” spikes throughout the year by running campaigns during events tied to their life stage, such as back to school, spring break, or Grandparents Day.

Deliver Fast Results. Optimize for Long-Term Gains.

With SheerID, you can launch a program for a defined age range in less than a week. And SheerID’s built-in Dashboard lets you track how your offer performs across all channels so you can optimize your campaigns for maximum success.

Streamline Conversions and Respect Data Privacy

Customers get verified for your offer as a seamless step in your purchase process, which reduces friction and increases conversions. And because it’s an opt-in exchange that requires only basic information, such as email address and date of birth, it respects a consumer’s privacy and reinforces their trust in your brand.

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