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Our military verification clients include:

We verify all 34M+ military consumers in the US

SheerID offers the most comprehensive coverage in the industry. With SheerID, there is no reason to limit your offer to only active duty. By extending your offer to all military families you can expand your military audience by 2,000%.

We perform a binary verification against authoritative data in real time without requiring sensitive personal data like a Social Security number.

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See what the instant verification process looks like from your customers’ perspective.

From your customer’s point of view, the verification process is quick and painless. 84% of military consumers are verified instantly.

To verify, consumers complete a form with their name, branch of service, and email address. You can gather additional customer intelligence by adding fields.

The form can be hosted by SheerID, which takes the burden off your IT team, or by you. The information provided by your customers is available to you in our reporting console. You can use the data to create more personalized marketing campaigns in the future.

See what the instant verification process looks like from your customers’ perspective.

Occasionally a military member can’t be verified instantly due to a member’s classified status. To ensure 100% coverage, we verify those customers through document review. Document review takes only 5 minutes on average.


Make your “exclusive” offer even more powerful by combining your military offer with an exclusive promotion for first responders, government employees, and teachers to create a Hero Discount.

  • Federal Employees

    Federal Employees

    There are over 2 million civil servants employed by the federal government in the US. Gain their loyalty by including them in your Hero program.

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  • First Responders

    First Responders

    Express your gratitude and extend the reach of your exclusive military offer by including 2.7M first responders as well.

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  • Teachers


    Budget-savvy and loyal to brands that give them exclusive deals, educators and administrators can add another 4.8M to your Hero program.

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$1 trillion






Why Should I Offer a Military Discount?

The military market is especially receptive to an exclusive discount message. In addition, when you offer a military discount, the impression of your brand improves even among people who AREN’T military.


The military market (active duty, reservists, retirees, and employees) equals over 8.2 million consumers. Military veterans and spouses equal over 34 million consumers with a purchasing power of over $1 trillion annually.

Your great products plus the SheerID platform equals a super targeted military discount strategy.

Spending Habits

Military families are a unique consumer group. Compared to the national average, military families:

  • 35% higher income
  • 3x more vacations
  • 2x as often to change addresses
  • 5x travel as often
  • $700,000,000 spent annually on apparel just by discharged Military personnel.


94% of present and past military personnel state that they notice when companies are “military-friendly” and have a positive impression of those companies. The military market votes with their dollar. Offering an exclusive military discount gives them the recognition they deserve and gives your company a solid, loyal customer base.

Featured Success Stories

  • Buckle Use Case

    Buckle Use Case

    29% of consumers who attempted to claim Buckle’s military discount failed to meet the eligibility requirements.

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  • Fathead Success Story

    Fathead Success Story

    70% of Fathead’s verified military customers were new-to-file.

    Read the Success Story
  • Wholesale Halloween Costumes Success Story

    Wholesale Halloween Costumes Success Story

    Overall conversion rates jumped 10-12% when they promoted their gated military discount on their home page.

    Read the Success Story
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