Digital Verification

A digital verification process instantly confirms a buyer’s eligibility for a gated, exclusive offer as a seamless part of a checkout process, gathering only privacy-friendly personal data. Digital verification ensures that a gated offer is used by only eligible customers, while also protecting a buyer’s personal data. Digital verification helps drive customer acquisition rates by enabling brands to provide secure gated offers to target audiences like seniors, teachers, students, and members of the military. Partnering with SheerID for digital verification builds consumer trust, reduces discount abuse, and protects the integrity of the offer.

Learn more about digital verification by reading these blog entries, or by downloading our Definitive Guide to Gated Offers.


Zoosk Fights Online Romance Scams with Military Verification

Zoosk's online dating platform uses military verification to protect clients from romance scams perpetrated by military impersonators. The company also provides a gated offer with a 20% discount to verified service members.
Romance scams are big business. In 2016, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received 15,000 complaints, and victims’ financial losses exceeded $230 million -- a fraction of the actual loss because only 15 percent of these types of crime are ever reported. Sadly, 82 percent of romance scam victims are women, and women over 50 ...
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Headspace Uses Gated Offers to Prevent Discount Abuse

Headspace's gated offer gives students a one-year subscription to meditation sessions for just $9.99.
Successfully marketing your subscription business is no small feat. Competition is fierce, and customer acquisition costs (CAC) and churn are high. Companies are fighting back with steep initial discounts, but that strategy fails to engender true loyalty, as other trial offers entice customers to impulsively bounce to the next brand. To address these challenges, subscription ...
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How Kettlebell Kitchen Uses Gated Offers to Stand Out in the Subscription Crowd

An assortment of tailored meals prepared by Kettlebell Kitchen. The company uses gated offers to reward military members with a 15% discount on their subscription service.
In the subscription economy, competition is fierce. There are  nearly 7,000 subscription box companies worldwide, and major brands are staking their claim: Amazon just launched a Prime Book Box for children’s books, Ipsy is adding new products to their already successful subscription box, and Microsoft announced that Xbox will now be sold as a subscription ...
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Want Seniors to Convert? Protect Their Privacy with Digital Verification

A happy senior couple. Seniors prefer an age verification process that relies on digital verification to confirm their eligibility for a gated, exclusive offer.
Seniors are a lucrative segment to target, and gated offers – special discounts and offers available exclusively for target segments – are a terrific way to reach them. Gated offers targeting seniors honor their life stage, and - according to our consumer survey - make them more likely to purchase (87%). Gated offers also boost ...
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