Using Data Enrichment

Data enrichment helps you understand your customers better.
Data is possibly the most important tool in a marketer’s arsenal. Without it, you’re essentially taking shots in the dark, hoping your campaigns will magically hit the bullseye. Backed with insightful data, though, you can turn on the light and make informed, intentional decisions. But with all the data available in the world, how to ...
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Marketing in a Recession: What It’s All About

marketing in a recession
We’ve all seen the concerning headlines: a recession is coming or, according to some sources, is already here. Inflation is soaring and interest rates are rising to pump the brakes on consumer demand to quell rising prices. Resources are strapped, and both consumers and businesses are cutting back on spending. Most experts attribute these economic ...
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Using Different Types of Discounts

types of discounts
Everyone loves saving money, so discounts make sense as a way to attract customers. But many companies worry that discounting will negatively affect their bottom line or reduce the perceived value of their products. These are valid concerns but ones that can easily be remedied with the right pricing strategy for discounts. There are also ...
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5 Ways to Decrease Your Customer Acquisition Cost

customer acquisition cost
To grow your brand, you need to be bringing in new customers. Simple, right? But matters quickly get more complicated once you start considering which strategies will get you the most value. Customer acquisition can be pricey, and you don’t want to waste your precious marketing dollars on ineffectual marketing tactics. That’s why you need ...
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How Top Brands Use Market Segmentation to Reach Customers

Hero image
This article was originally published in 2020, but has been updated to reflect new research and consumer trends. A lot has changed since we first covered this topic, but the need for marketing segmentation has not!  A famous American editor once said, “I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you ...
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Defining Customer Loyalty – Plus Tips & Loyalty Marketing Solutions

Learn how to build enduring customer loyalty.
Focus on positive experiences, valuable offers, and building community to drive customer loyalty. Read how SheerID can help you grow customer loyalty. What is Customer Loyalty? Customer loyalty is a measurement of a customer’s likelihood to do repeat business with a company or brand. And it’s a marketer’s dream—because it’s usually much more expensive to ...
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8 Ways to Increase Customer Lifetime Value With Digital Marketing

Identity marketing helps you increase customer lifetime value.
Marketers have no shortage of metrics they can use to gauge their ability to attract, convert, and retain customers. But one of the most meaningful KPIs to measure marketing success is often overlooked: customer lifetime value. Read on to learn what customer lifetime value is, how it can impact your growth, and how you can ...
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7 Loyalty Marketing Strategies to Keep Customers Coming Back

These strategies help you build a loyal, happy customer base.
For most brands, the dream is a consistent, active customer base that makes regular purchases for years or decades. After all, repeat customers convert 9x more than new customers, so keeping this group happy can significantly increase your bottom line. But how can you motivate customers to keep coming back again and again? The key ...
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Zero-Party Data and Customer Retention

Brands can use zero-party data to boost customer retention.
While promotional marketing aimed at attracting new customers tends to draw a lot of marketing’s focus, the issue of data deprecation—largely driven by customer privacy concerns—presents a growing challenge. Building a Zero Party Data Strategy That Improves Customer Retention Customer acquisition will always be important, but the changing nature of data availability underscores the importance ...
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Back to Basics: Why Offer a Discount?

There are many benefits to offering customer discounts.
Discounts can get a bad rap, conjuring images of undesirable excess inventory or training shoppers to wait for a sale. But when approached with thoughtful strategy and intention, offering a discount can drive customer acquisition, foster long-term customer loyalty, and improve customer lifetime value. In this article, we’ll apply a strategic lens to some back-to-basic ...
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