Conversion tools are the best way to grow your business.

Why SheerID Prioritizes Conversion Tools

Looking at marketing software today is overwhelming. There are dozens of products out there for every problem you have, and hundreds more for problems that aren’t even on your radar.  You can evaluate the impact of marketing software through many lenses, such as time saved, increases in impressions, and engagement. And while all of these measurements have value, none of them matter as much as conversions. 

Why focus on conversions? It’s no secret that marketing today is getting more expensive and less effective. According to the February 2022 edition of The CMO Survey, referenced in the Harvard Business Review, more than 30% of marketers are experiencing average-to-no returns on their investments. That. Is. Crazy. Marketers should be investing in tools with proven conversions and ROI. That’s why it’s more important than ever to look for tools that have specific features to maximize conversions.

How SheerID Boosts Conversions

In the 11 years SheerID has been supporting marketing programs for industry giants such as Nike, Home Depot, and Doordash, we’ve gathered some unique insights into what customers are looking for in marketing software solutions. And, over the years, one thing our customers kept coming back to us for was conversions. So, we kept building better conversion tools to enhance our product. 

Today, we are proud to say SheerID is the best converting verification platform for gated offers on the market. 

How did this happen? Gated offers are a type of discount that brands can provide that, by design, will generate interest and buzz for a brand. We know through various studies that gated offers to tight-knit communities like the military, students, and first responders trigger an emotional response in customers. For example, offering 50% off to teachers during back-to-school periods can make them feel valued and drive higher emotional ties with a brand, which increases likelihood to purchase. 

But, just having an offer isn’t enough to drive exceptional conversion rates. When you have a gated offer for teachers, each teacher must verify that they are, in fact, a teacher, to ensure the offer is exclusive. This verification process needs to be optimized for conversions. 

Optimizing the Verification Process for Conversions

As the verification engine powering hundreds of brands’ gated offers, SheerID has optimized the verification process for conversions by offering:

  • A White-Label Solution: Taking consumers out of your brand experience is a disruption that can impact conversions. SheerID avoids that by allowing you to completely embed the verification flow in your e-commerce experience. And you can create custom templates and fully control the look and feel and messaging, so customers never leave your brand. 
  • No Account Sign Up: Some verification providers require customers to create an account on their own properties. This disrupts the customer and increases the time it takes to complete their purchase, which reduces conversions. Studies have found that 24% of people abandon their online shopping because they are forced to create an account.
  • Most Instant Data Sources: SheerID has the most instant data sources for consumer communities across the world. This means that for our most commonly used communities, like students and teachers, customers simply have to enter their information, and seconds later they are verified to be eligible for brand offers. The faster a consumer is verified, the faster they can use their offer and check out. 
  • AI/ML Document Review: For smaller communities that don’t have as many data sources, SheerID still is able to quickly complete verifications with our artificial intelligence and machine learning engine which can instantly review consumer documents and determine if they are eligible for offers. Again, timing is critical here. If a customer has to wait hours or even days to be eligible for an offer, there is a higher likelihood that they will abandon their purchase. 
  • Email and Text Reminders: After a verification is complete, your customer should be encouraged to use their offer to complete their purchase. SheerID enables brands to send texts and emails to remind verified customers to complete their purchase. This has been proven to significantly increase conversion rates. 
  • Consolation Offers: If a customer isn’t eligible for your offer—i.e. if they are not a teacher, but took the time to fill out a verification form—they still expressed interest in your brand. SheerID gives brands the option to reach out to these ineligible customers with a lesser consolation offer to still encourage conversions. 

Conversion Tools Drive Results

Clearly, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we can get customers that are attracted by your gated offer to convert. And, it has paid off:

Our customers have also reduced the cost of their conversions and increased their ROI. For example:

Now is not the time to be wondering if your marketing tools are making an impact. Schedule time with a marketing expert today, and let’s start working on how we can enhance your conversions and drive the greatest ROI for your brand.

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